I. 19th Century
A. Territorial Courts
B. Capitol Railroad Job
C. 1889 Judicial Art.
D. 1st Supreme Court
E. First Justices
F. Terms of Court
G. Legal Education
H. Underpaid
I. Overworked
J. Continuity
K. Other Service
II. 20th Century
A. No-Party Ballot
B. 5-Member Court
C. Gov.-Justice Burke
D. NPL Elects
E. NPL Court Discord
F. NPL’s Robinson
G. NPL’s Const. Legacy
H. Judicial Council
I. 10-Year Terms
J. Morris & Nazi Crimes
K. War Crimes Debate
L. Grimson & Prisons
M. Age & Action
N. Publishing Opinions
O. Prologues to Progess
III. Modernizing
A. Reform of Rules
 1. Origins of Civil Rules
 2. Reform Desirable
 3. Reform Authorized
 4. Revision Begins
 5. New Civil Rules
 6. Connection & Contrasts
 7. Revision Continues
 8. Publishing Rules
 9. “Trial Anew” Repealed
 10. Finality Forgotten?
 11. Largest Advance

B.Court Unification
 1. No Justices of the Peace
 2. Electing the Chief Justice
 3. Futile Efforts
 4. New Judicial Article
 5. Unifying the Courts
 6. Nominating Committee
 7. Dueling Governors
 8. Election & Selection
 9. Reporting to Constituentes
 10. Erickstad Era Progress
 11. The Moving Force

IV. 21st Century
A. Court of Appeals
B. Trial Court Consolidation
C. Computer Publication
D. Century of Advances
V. Conclusion
A. Justices
B. Law Clerks