I. Format and Style
. . .

E. Alterations in Quotations (See Bluebook R. 5.2)

When a letter in a quotation must be changed from upper to lower case, or vice versa, enclose it in brackets. Substituted words or letters and other inserted material should also be bracketed. Indicate the omission of letters with empty brackets. An ellipsis must be used to indicate omitted words. (See I.F.)

Significant mistakes in the original should be followed by "[sic]" and otherwise left as they appear in the original.

Indicate in a parenthetical clause, after the citation, any change of emphasis or omission of citations or footnote numbers. Do not indicate the omission of a citation or footnote number that follows the last word quoted. (See I.F.). Only parenthetically note changes in emphasis. Do not parenthetically note emphasis which appears in the original source.

Whenever possible, a quotation should be attributed to its original source. Generally this will require citation to the case you are citing, and, in a parenthetical, use of "quoting" and the original cite.