III. Other North Dakota and Miscellaneous Citation Forms
. . .

H. Shorter works in collection (See Bluebook R. 15.5)

Urvashi Vaid, Prisons, in AIDS and the Law 235, 237-39 (Harlon L. Dalton et al. eds., 1987).
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Law in Science, in Collected Legal Papers 210, 211 (1920).

Do not underline the name of an article or title of a document in a collection if the work has not been previously published except in collection. (See Bluebook R. 15.5.2.)

John Adams, Argument and Report, in 2 Legal Papers of John Adams 285, 322-35 (L. Kinvin Wroth & Hiller B. Zobel eds., 1965).