Judicial Vacancy in the Northwest Judicial District

20010229 In the Matter of the Judicial Vacancy
In District Judgeship No. 6, with Chambers
In Minot, North Dakota, Northwest
Judicial District

Term: 11/2001   Argument: 11/27/2001
ND cite: 2001 ND 199
NW cite: 637 N.W.2d 3

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Docket entries:
109/18/2001 Letter from Governor Hoeven advising of the death of Judge Dill and advising of a vacancy under
209/18/2001 NDCC Section 27-05-02.1
309/18/2001 Under the statute, the Supreme Court has 90 days to decide whether to fill or transfer the vacancy
409/26/2001 Judge O'Keefe appointed Hearing Officer
509/27/2001 Hearing before Judge O'Keefe set for Minot on November 5; Supreme Court hearing is 11/27
609/27/2001 Notice of Hearings mailed to Governor, Secretary of State, Presiding Judges & Admin. Asst., SBAND,
709/27/2001 Ward County Board of County Comm'n; Judges & Lawyers in NW District; Publishers in NW District
810/05/2001 Affidavit of Publication - McKenzie County
910/08/2001 Affidavit of Publication - Divide County
1010/10/2001 Affidavit of Publication - Mountrail County
1110/11/2001 Affidavit of Publication - Burke County
1210/12/2001 Letter dated October 10, 2001 from Judge Goodman
1310/15/2001 Letter dated October 12, 2001 from Doug Mattson w/attachments
1410/15/2001 Affidavit of Publication - Ward County
1510/15/2001 Letter dated October 11, 2001 from Charles Gilje & Kenneth Dalsted
1610/16/2001 Letter dated October 15, 2001 from Vince Ament
1710/17/2001 Letter dated 10-16-2001 from Dave Ross, Mayor of Oakes
1810/18/2001 Letter from Dave Senger, Ward Co. Auditor w/ attached Resolution adopted by Ward Co. Commissioners
1910/18/2001 Resolution dated 10-15-01 from Dickey County Commissioners
2010/19/2001 Letter dated October 18, 2001 from John Mogren
2110/19/2001 Letter from Judge Bekken dated 10-17-01
2210/22/2001 Letter dated 10-17-01 from Arden Anderson, City Auditor for Wahpeton w/attached Resolution
2310/23/2001 Resolution in Support of Transferring Sight of District Court Position from the Northwest Judicial
2410/23/2001 District to the Southeast Judicial District dated 10-11-01 from Jeff Fuchs, City Auditor, &
2510/23/2001 Charlie Kourajan, Mayor, City of Jamestown
2610/23/2001 Letter dated 10-16-01 from Earl W. Anderson
2710/23/2001 Letter dated 10-17-01 from Steven J. Lies
2810/23/2001 Letter dated 10-17-01 from Harvey Huber, Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corporation
2910/23/2001 Letter dated 10-19-01 from Russell J. Myhre
3010/23/2001 Letter dated 10-22-01 from Barbara Hill, Clerk, Stutsman Co, & Deputy Clerks
3110/23/2001 Letter dated 10-19-01 from Pam Gulleson, Asst. Minority Leader, Dist. 26, N.D. House of Rep.
3210/23/2001 PETITION FILED - Letter dated 10-1-01 from Judge Michael O. McGuire
3310/23/2001 Faxed Letter dated 10-23-01 from Larry Robinson, State Senator
3410/24/2001 Original letter dated 10/23/01 from Senator Larry Robinson
3510/24/2001 Resolution of Cooperstown City Council dated 10/22/2001
3610/24/2001 Letter dated 10/23/2001 from Fabian E. Noack
3710/24/2001 Letter from Dr. Tim Jorgensen
3810/24/2001 Letter dated 10/23/2001 from Charles R. Sheeley, Juvenile Supervisor
3910/24/2001 Letter from Gene Johnson, Tri-State Roofing
4010/25/2001 Letter dated 10/24/2001 from Judge McLees
4110/25/2001 Faxed letter dated 10/25/2001 from Ted D. Seibel, Wells Co. State's Attorney
4210/25/2001 Letter dated 10-18-01 from Mike Brandenburg - Dist. 26 Representative
4310/25/2001 Letter dated 10-23-2001 from Rep. William E. Kretschmar & Rep. Ra. H. Wikenheiser
4410/26/2001 PETITION FILED by the SE District to transfer the Minot Vacancy
4510/26/2001 Letter dated 10/23/2001 from Wayne P. Jones, Ransom County State's Attorney
4610/26/2001 Letter dated 10/23/2001 from Representative Dan J. Ruby
4710/26/2001 Written testimony dated 10/25/2001 from Judge Holte with attachments
4810/30/2001 Notice of Filing Petition for Transfer by Southeast Judicial District & Affidavit of Service
4910/31/2001 Letter from Representative Janet Wentz dated 10-30-01
5011/01/2001 Letter dated 10/31/2001 from Judge Gerald Rustad
5111/01/2001 Letter dated 10/31/2001 from Senator Randy Schobinger
5211/01/2001 Letter dated 10/31/2001 from John Stewart, Fisher Motors
5311/01/2001 Letter dated 10/31/2001 from Diane Hagen, Williston Area Chamber of Commerce
5411/01/2001 Letter dated 11/01/2001 from Marilyn Rudolph, NW Human Service Center
5511/02/2001 Letter from E. J. Bosch dated 11-1-01
5611/02/2001 Letter from Judge Nelson dated 11-1-01
5711/02/2001 Letter from Re. Mike Timm dated 11-1-01
5811/05/2001 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (Associated Press) (e-mail from Dale Wetzel) (Approved)
5911/05/2001 Amended Attachment A for Judge Holte's Written statement
6011/05/2001 Letter from Andrew G. Maragos dated October 31, 2001
6111/05/2001 Letter from Judge Holte dated November 1, 2001 with Minot Daily News article attached
6211/05/2001 Letter from Jonathan Eaton, Nevin Van de Streek, Michael Ward dated November 2, 2001
6311/06/2001 Letter from John Warner dated November 3, 2001
6411/06/2001 Letter from Kevin Chapman dated November 4, 2001
6511/06/2001 E-mail letter from Senator Tim Mathern dated November 6, 2001
6611/07/2001 Affidavit of Publication from Ward County
6711/07/2001 Affidavit of Publication from Stutsman County
6811/07/2001 Supplemental to Appendix A
6911/07/2001 Letter from Steven E. McCullough dated 11-5-01
7011/08/2001 Letter dated November 7, 2001, from Bruce I. Christianson, Magic City Financial Group
7111/08/2001 TRANSCRIPT DATED November 5, 2001 (copy to Jim Ganje)
7211/08/2001 DISK - TRA
7311/09/2001 Presentation of Lynn Boughey
7411/09/2001 Certificate of Service on Attorney General re Const. Brief
7511/14/2001 Letter dated 11-13-01 from Colleen Reese, Victim Advocate Program, Domestic Violence
7611/15/2001 Letter dated 11/14/01 from Roger Tollefson, Tollefson's Retail Group
7711/16/2001 Letter dated 11-15-01 from Marvin L. Kaiser
7811/21/2001 Letter from Marlyce A. Wilder dated November 20, 2001
7911/21/2001 Letter from Judge Holte dated 11-20-01, with attachment
8011/21/2001 Faxed letter from Birch P. Burdick dated 11-21-01
8111/21/2001 Hearing Officer's Report with attachments
8211/21/2001 Letter dated 11/21/2001 indicating Judge Paulson, Judge Greenwood and Cynthia Schaar will present
8311/23/2001 Written comments of Lynn M. Boughey for Hearing of 11-27-01,with attached Addendum
8411/23/2001 Original letter from Birch Burdick dated 11-21-01 (Same as faxed copy filed 11-21-01)
8511/23/2001 Letter from Bernard E. Reynolds dated 11-21-01 w/attached Resolution of Cass Co. Bar
8611/23/2001 Letter from Cheryl Bergian dated 11-20-01
8711/23/2001 Request for Radio/TV Coverage - ND Public Radio, The Bismarck Tribune, KXMB-TV & ASSOCIATED PRESS
8811/23/2001 (e-mail dated 11-23-01 from Jack McDonald) (AUTHORIZED)
8911/27/2001 APPEARANCES: For NW: Robert W. Holte, Presiding Judge; David W. Nelson, District Judge; Gary H.Lee,
9011/27/2001 Ward Co. Bar Assn.; Kent A. Reierson, Upper Missouri Bar Assn.; Lynn M. Boughey
9111/27/2001 For SE: John E. Greenwood, District Judge; Bradley A. Cruff; Cynthia G. Schaar; John T. Paulson,
9211/27/2001 Presiding Judge
9311/27/2001 ARGUED: all of the above (Vol. X; Page 180)
9511/27/2001 E-mail comments and power point presentation of the East Central Judicial District
9611/27/2001 the above forwarded by Judge Ralph Erickson
9712/04/2001 Letter from Ronald H. McLean dated 12-3-01 w/attachments
9812/07/2001 Copy of letter dtd 12-6-01 from Douglas A. Bahr to Lynn Boughey
9912/11/2001 Letter from Sen. Judy Lee, Tony Grindberg, Tim Flakoll, Tom Fischer, Gary Lee
10012/14/2001 DISPOSITION (to retain judgeship in NW district): PETITION/WRIT DENIED
10112/14/2001 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
10212/14/2001 (CONCUR OR DISSENT): VandeWalle, Gerald W.: CONCUR
10312/14/2001 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (petition to transfer judgeship to ECJD). Granted
10412/14/2001 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (petition to transfer judgeship to SEJD). Denied
10512/14/2001 Order Mailed to Governor, Sec. of State, Presiding Judges & Admin. Asst., SBAND, Ward County Board
10612/14/2001 of County Comm'n; Cass Co. Bd. of Comm'n; Judges & Lawyers in NW; Judges in SE; Judges in EC;
10712/14/2001 all persons appearing or commenting & publishers in NW
10809/07/2007 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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