Petition to Change Resident Chambers from Watford City to Minot

20020048 In the Matter of the Petition to
Change the Resident Chambers
for District Judgeship No. 8,
Northwest Judicial District,
from Watford City to Minot

Term: 03/2002   Argument: 03/27/2002
ND cite: 2002 ND 54 2002 ND 54
NW cite: 650 N.W.2d 812 643 N.W.2d 1

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Issues: Petitioner's Statement of the Issues:

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Docket entries:
102/19/2002 PETITION FILED (Judge Holte, Presiding Judge of the NW District, Petitioner)
202/21/2002 Notice of Hearing mailed to Judge Holte & Judges of NWJD, Mayor of Minot, Mayor of Watford City,
302/21/2002 Ward County Comm'n; McKenzie County Comm'n; Minot Daily News; McKenzie County Farmer; Wally Kowitz
403/01/2002 Affidavit of Publication - Minot Daily News
503/04/2002 Affidavit of Publication - McKenzie County Farmer
603/07/2002 Letter from Judge Nelson in support of transfer of Judgeship #8
703/12/2002 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (ND Public Radio) (e-mail from Jack McDonald) (APPROVED)
803/14/2002 Letter dated 3-13-02 from Judge Robert W. Holte, Presiding Judge
903/18/2002 Letter w/comments(e-mail) dated 3-18-02 from Judge William W. McLees, District Court Judge
1003/25/2002 Letter dated 3-22-02 from Robert S. Thomas, President of the Ward County Bar Assoc. w/Resolution of
1103/25/2002 Ward Co. Bar Assoc. and a petition in support of relocating the judgeship to Ward Co.
1203/26/2002 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (AP) (e-mail from Dale Wetzel dated 3-25-02) (APPROVED)
1303/27/2002 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (KXMB-TV) (telephone call from Jim Olson - KXMC-TV in Minot)
1403/27/2002 (APPROVED)
1503/27/2002 APPEARANCES: Honorable Robert W. Holte, Presiding Judge NW Judicial District; Judge William W.
1603/27/2002 McLees; Dennis E. Johnson, State's Attorney for McKenzie County; Wade G. Enget, State's Attorney
1703/27/2002 for Mountrail County
1803/27/2002 ARGUED: Holte; McLees; Johnson, Enget (Vol. X; Page 213)
2003/27/2002 E-Mail from Judge Olson
2103/28/2002 E-mail message from Judge David Nelson as an addendum to his previous letter.
2304/08/2002 Unanimous opinion (643 N.W.2d 1): Per Curiam
2404/08/2002 Order mailed to Judge Holte, Judge McLees, Wally Kowitz, other judges in NWJD, Mayor-Watford City,
2504/08/2002 Mayor-Minot; Chairman, McKenzie County Comm'n; Chairman, Ward Co. Comm'n; Dennis E. Johnson,
2604/08/2002 State's Atty. McKenzie County; Wade G. Enget, State's Atty. Mountrail County; Robert S. Thomas,
2704/08/2002 President, Ward County Bar Assn.; Governor and Secretary of State
2804/08/2002 MANDATE
2908/05/2002 MOTION TO AMEND ORDER FILED 4-08-02 (no Motion)
3008/05/2002 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Mot/Amend Order). Granted
3108/05/2002 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
3208/05/2002 Amended Order mailed to Judge Holte, Judge McLees, Wally Kowitz, other judges in NWJD, Mayor-
3308/05/2002 Watford City, Mayor-Minot, Chairman-McKenzie Co. Commission, Chairman, Ward Co. Commission,
3408/05/2002 Dennis E. Johnson, State's Attorney - McKenzie Co., Wade G. Enget, State's Attorney - Mountrail
3508/05/2002 Co., Robert S. Thomas, President - Ward Co. Bar Assoc., Governor Hoeven, Secretary/State Jaeger
3608/05/2002 publishers (incl. Minot Daily News, McKenzie Co. Farmer, Williston Daily Herald, Mountrail Co.
3708/05/2002 Promotor, The Journal, The Burke Co. Tribune, West Publishing, Lexis, LOIS), SBAND
3807/24/2008 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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