Huntress v. Griffey

20020063 In the Interest of Shaleen Marie Griffey

Marcy Noel Huntress, Plaintiff and Appellee
Daniel P. Richter, Director of
Ward County Social Service Board, Plaintiff
Wayne Allen Griffey, Defendant and Appellant

Appeal from: District Court, North Central Judicial District, Ward County
Judge Gary A. Holum
Nature of Action: Child Cust & Support (Div.\other)
Appellant: Probst Law Firm
Appellee: #Legal Services of ND
Term: 09/2002   Argument: 09/10/2002
ND cite: 2002 ND 160
NW cite: 652 N.W.2d 351

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Issues: Appellant's Statement of the Issues:
1. Did the trial court err in not making findings of fact regarding custody?
2. Was the trial court's decision against the greater weight of the evidence?

Appellee's Statement of the Issues:
I. Whether the trial court erred in denying the Defendant's/Appellant's Motion for Custody.
II. Whether the trial court erred by not making Findings of Fact regarding custody.
III. Whether the trial court's decision was against the greater weight of the evidence.

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Docket entries:
103/05/2002 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 03/04/2002
203/05/2002 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT (Sandra Ostrom, Court Recorder): 03/04/2002
303/12/2002 E-mail message from Jenean G. Maroney RE: Marcy Huntress is now pro se
404/05/2002 RECORD ON APPEAL
504/23/2002 MOT. EXT/TIME TRANSCRIPT (Sandra E. Ostrom) faxed
604/23/2002 ACTION BY TRIAL COURT (Judge Holte). Granted: 04/30/2002
704/26/2002 TRANSCRIPT DATED December 14, 2001
805/06/2002 3 corrected covers & disk for transcript dated 12-14-01
905/06/2002 DISK of TRA date 12-14-01
1006/05/2002 Ltr from Carrie L. Francis she is now counsel for Appellee March Noel Huntress
1106/05/2002 APPELLANT BRIEF
1306/06/2002 DISK - ATB
1407/05/2002 APPELLEE BRIEF
1507/05/2002 Addendum of Appellee
1607/08/2002 DISK - AEB
1707/10/2002 Affidavit of Service by Mail (inserted into orig. AEB)
1809/10/2002 APPEARANCES: Paul M. Probst; Carrie L. Francis, Marcy Huntress
1909/10/2002 ARGUED: Probst; Francis (Vol. Y; Page 24)
2210/15/2002 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Kapsner, Carol Ronning
2310/15/2002 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellant
2410/22/2002 Order/Judgment Mailed to Parties
2511/06/2002 MANDATE
2607/11/2008 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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