Howe v. Microsoft Corporation

20020075 Henry H. Howe and Michael Simonson,
individually and on behalf of all
others similarly situated, Plaintiffs and Appellees
Microsoft Corporation, Defendant and Appellant
Does 1 through 100, inclusive, Defendants

Appeal from: District Court, Northeast Central Judicial District, Grand Forks County
Judge Bruce E. Bohlman
Nature of Action: Torts (Negligence, Liab., Nuis.)
Appellant: Zuger Kirmis & Smith
Appellant: Lawyer not licensed in N.D.
Appellant: Lawyer not licensed in N.D.
Appellee: Heins, Mills & Olson, PLC
Appellee: Lawyer not licensed in N.D.
Appellant: Lawyer not licensed in N.D.
Appellant: Lawyer not licensed in N.D.
Term: 09/2002   Argument: 09/17/2002
ND cite: 2003 ND 12
NW cite: 656 N.W.2d 285

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Issues: Appellant's Statement of the Issues:
Whether a trial court may certify a class of indirect purchasers on a monopoliza tion claim based only upon the named plaintiffs' proffer of an expert's general untested theories for proving antitrust "impact" and damages with class-wide proof when the named plaintiffs and their expert have submitted no evidence that the assumptions underlying such theories are valid in the relevant markets and when the defendant has presented undisputed empirical evidence that the assumptions are invalid.

Appellee's Statement of the Issues:
The issue presented for review is limited by Appellant-Microsoft Corporation to the following question: Whether, despite properly finding that the majority of the applicable Rule 23(c)(1) factors weighed in favor of certification, the district court abused its discretion in granting Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification where the court determined that Plaintiffs' expert, Dr. Keith Leffler, had set forth reasonable methodologies, not so insubstantial or illusory as to amount to no method at all, to estimate antitrust impact and damages suffered by class members using common, class-wide proof.

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Docket entries:
103/20/2002 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 03/18/2002
203/20/2002 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: VandeWalle, Gerald W.
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404/15/2002 RECORD ON APPEAL (3 volumes) and separates #54, 55, 56, 59, 61, 67, & 69
504/16/2002 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: Maring, Mary Muehlen
604/24/2002 Motions and Affidavits of Charles B. Casper & Patrick T. Ryan
704/24/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Motions for Casper & Ryan). Granted
804/26/2002 Motions and Affidavits of Steve W. Berman & Thomas W. Burt
904/26/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Motions of Berman & Burt. Granted
1004/26/2002 Motions and Affidavits of David B. Tulchin & Joseph E. Neuhaus
1104/26/2002 ACTION BY CLERK Motions of Tulchin & Neuhaus. Granted
1204/26/2002 Motion and Affidavits of Steven J. Aeschbacher
1304/26/2002 ACTION BY CLERK Motion of Aeschbacher. Granted
1404/26/2002 APPELLANT BRIEF
1504/26/2002 APPELLANT APPENDIX (4 volumes - Volume II is CONFIDENTIAL)
1605/01/2002 Corrected page v for TOA & pages 34, 35, & 36 for ATB
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1905/06/2002 Faxed letter from Patrick Ward dated 5-6-02 RE: no objection to ext/time/file AEB
2005/06/2002 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE. Granted: 07/10/2002
2105/08/2002 Supplemental Clerk's Certificate dated May 6, 2002 (Entry Nos. 76 & 77)
2205/08/2002 Order for Transcript of 11-19-01 hearing -- three copies (ordered by AE)
2405/09/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Motion of Wallis). Granted
2505/10/2002 MOTION FOR Return of Record (E-mail from Rena Desautel dated 5-10-020
2605/10/2002 ACTION BY CHIEF DEPUTY CLERK. Granted
2705/10/2002 RETURN OF ROA TO DIST. CT.
2805/10/2002 Order of Return Mailed to Parties
2906/07/2002 TRANSCRIPT DATED 11-29-01
3006/10/2002 DISK - TRA dated 11-29-01
3307/09/2002 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE (MAE; w/understanding OA will be heard in Sept.). Granted: 07/24/2002
3407/09/2002 MOT. EXT/TIME REPLY BRIEF (no separate motion - see MAE)
3507/09/2002 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE (MRY). Granted: 07/24/2002
3607/22/2002 Supplemental Clerk's Certificate dated 7-19-02 (Entry Nos. 79 & 80)
3707/25/2002 Appellees' MOTION FOR Relief from Rule 28(G) Word Limit
3807/26/2002 ACTION BY ACTING CHIEF JUSTICE (Ext. word count for AEB). Granted
3907/29/2002 Supplemental Clerk's Certificate dated 7-26-02 (Entry Nos. 81 & 82)
4008/02/2002 MOTION FOR Admission Pro Hac Vice & Affidavit of Daniel E. Gustafson
4108/02/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Mot/Pro Hac Vice). Granted
4208/02/2002 Copy of letter from Board of Law Examiners to Mr. Gustafdson re: payment of $100 fee
4308/05/2002 MOTION for Admission Pro Hac Vice & Affidavit of Dennis Stewart
4408/05/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Mot/Pro Hac Vice -- Stewart). Granted
4508/06/2002 MOTION for Admission Pro Hac Vice & Affidavit of Leonard B. Simon)
4608/06/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Pro Hac Vice -- Simon). Granted
4708/06/2002 MOTION FOR Pro Hac Vice & Affidavit of Robert J. Gralewski, Jr.
4808/06/2002 ACTION BY CLERK (Pro Hac Vice -- Robert J. Gralewski, Jr.). Granted
4908/06/2002 Copies of letters from Board of Law Examiners to Mr. Stewart & Mr. Simon & Mr. Gralewski RE: Fees
5008/09/2002 Appellant's Motion to Strike Extra-Record Material and for Appropriate Sanctions or, in the. RspDue: 08/20/2002
5108/09/2002 Alternative, for Permission to Respond to the Extra-Record Material
5208/09/2002 Appellant's MOT. EXT/TIME REPLY BRIEF
5308/12/2002 ACTION BY CLERK. Granted: 09/09/2002
5408/16/2002 NO ACTION TAKEN (MOT/strike; see Mot. to withdraw AEB & AEA)
5508/16/2002 Request to withdraw appellee's AEB & AEA & file an amended AEB & AEA(faxed letter from Patrick Ward
5608/16/2002 dated 8-16-02)
5708/16/2002 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE. Granted
5808/20/2002 Original of Ltr. of 8-16-02 request of withdraw AEB & AEA
5908/20/2002 SITTING WITH THE COURT: McLees, William W.
6008/22/2002 SITTING WITH THE COURT: Leclerc, Lawrence A.
6108/21/2002 APPELLEE BRIEF
6308/27/2002 DISK - AEB (e-mailed)
6408/29/2002 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (ND Public Radio) e-mail from J. McDonald dated 8-29-02) AUTHORIZED
6509/09/2002 REPLY BRIEF
6609/09/2002 DISK - ryb
6709/12/2002 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (AP) (e-mail from Jack McDonald dated 9-12-02) (APPROVED)
6809/17/2002 APPEARANCES: David B. Tulchin, Patrick J. Ward; Vincent J. Esadas, Robert J. Gralewski, Jr.
6909/17/2002 ARGUED: Tulchin; Esadas
7109/18/2002 Copy of class certification decision in In re Florida Microsoft Antitrust Litig.
7210/07/2002 Copy of class certification decision in In Re New Mexico Indirect Purchasers Microsoft
7310/17/2002 Supplemental Clerk's Certificate dated 10-16-02 (Entry No. 83)
7401/02/2003 Copy of class certification decision in Sherwood v. Microsoft
7501/07/2003 Letter from Pat Ward dated 1-6-02 w/$100 fee for year 2003
7601/10/2003 Copy of Order on Plaintiffs' Motion for Reconsideration of Denial of Class Certification in Melnick
7701/10/2003 v. Microsoft Corp (Maine Superior Court case)
7801/16/2003 Notice of Registration and Firm Name Change from Sullivan & Cromwell to Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
7901/22/2003 Supplemental Clerk's Certificate dated 1-21-03 (Entry Nos. 84 & 85)
8101/28/2003 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Kapsner, Carol Ronning
8201/28/2003 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellee
8301/28/2003 Order/Judgment Mailed to Parties
8402/20/2003 MANDATE
8607/14/2008 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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