Gawryluk v. Poynter

20020121 James Gawryluk, Plaintiff and Appellee
A.M. Poynter; unknown heirs of
A.M. Poynter; Mineral Opportunities
Inc.; Bayou Production Company, Inc.;
Catherine M. Viola; William H. Plagemen, Jr.,
Trustee of the Catherine M. Viola Trust
dated August 2, 1991; Bejie A. Vinson;
Glen S. Cade; Jerry Belmonte; Betty B.
Maranto; Beth J. Crafton; Paul H. Crafton;
Alex H. Keller; any other heirs or devisees
of G.A. Crafton, aka Grover A. Crafton; all
other persons unknown claiming an estate or
interest in or lien or encumbrance upon the
property described in the Complaint, Defendants
William H. Plagemen, Jr., Trustee
of the Catherine M. Viola Trust, Defendant and Appellant

Appeal from: District Court, Southwest Judicial District, Billings County
Judge Ronald L. Hilden
Nature of Action: Oil, Gas and Minerals
Appellant: Fleck, Mather & Strutz
Appellee: Hardy, Maus & Nordsven, P.C.
Term: 10/2002   Argument: 10/17/2002  9:00am
ND cite: 2002 ND 205
NW cite: 654 N.W.2d 400

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Issues: Appellant's Statement of the Issues:
1. Whether the District Court erred in holding the 1951 Deed from Mr. Poynter to Mr. Crafton conveyed all of Mr. Poynter's mineral interest in the subject lands.

Appellee's Statement of the Issues:
Whether the Mineral Deed dated August 17, 1951, from Poynter to Crafton should be given the ordinary construction as provided in North Dakota law, or should it be given an alternate construction based upon subsequent corrective deeds that were not joined in by the grantor.

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Docket entries:
105/20/2002 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 05/17/2002
205/20/2002 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT: 05/17/2002
305/23/2002 TRANSCRIPT DATED March 15, 2002
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1108/15/2002 REPLY BRIEF of Appellant
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1310/17/2002 APPEARANCES: John W. Morrison; Michael J. Maus
1410/17/2002 ARGUED: Morrison; Maus (Vol. Y; Page 41)
1612/20/2002 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Kapsner, Carol Ronning
1712/20/2002 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellee
1812/23/2002 Order/Judgment Mailed to Parties
1901/03/2003 Supplemental Clerk's Certificate dated January 2, 2003 (Entry No. 54)
2001/17/2003 MANDATE
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