Interest of B.B.

20070233 In the Interest of B.B., a child

Carmell F. Mattison, Grand Forks
County Assistant State's Attorney, Petitioner and Appellee
B.B. (child), B.J.F. (mother), Respondents
S.L.B. (father), Respondent and Appellant

Appeal from: Juvenile Court, Northeast Central Judicial District, Grand Forks County
Judge Lawrence E. Jahnke
Nature of Action: Juvenile Law
Appellant: Rebecca Jo Heigaard McGurran
Appellee: Deborah Louise Garner , Asst. State's Attorney
Appellee: Jacqueline Ann Gaddie , Asst. State's Attorney
Term: 01/2008   Argument: 01/18/2008
ND cite: 2008 ND 51
NW cite: 746 N.W.2d 411

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Issues: Appellant's Statement of the Issues:
I. Did the trial court make a clearly erroneous finding that B.B. continues to be deprived based on repeated domestic violence, substance abuse issues and failing to follow through with appropriate rehabilitative treatment/ counseling regimens?
II. Did the trial court make a clearly erroneous finding that reasonable efforts have been expended to prevent B.B. from being permanently removed from a parental home when prior to the change in the goal of B.B. from return to parent to guardianship social services ceased providing services to S.L.B. to enable returning B.B. to S.L.B.'s home?

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3801/18/2008 APPEARANCES: Rebecca J. Heigaard McGurran; Jacqueline A. Gaddie
3901/18/2008 ARGUED: McGurran; Gaddie
4203/20/2008 SPLIT OPINION: VandeWalle, Gerald W.
4303/20/2008 (DISSENT): Kapsner, Carol Ronning: DISSENT
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4504/14/2008 MANDATE
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