Sundby v. Disciplinary Board

20070332 In the Matter of the
Application for Reinstatement
of Elizabeth Jane Sundby
Elizabeth Jane Sundby, Petitioner
Disciplinary Board of the Supreme
Court of the State of North Dakota, Respondent

Nature of Action: Disciplinary Proceedings (Civil)
Respondent: Paul W. Jacobson
Petitioner: Elizabeth Jane Sundby
Petitioner: Jeff A. Bredahl
ND cite: 2007 ND 185
NW cite: 741 N.W.2d 728

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Docket entries:
111/14/2007 REPORT OF DISCIPLINARY BOARD (part of Record)
311/15/2007 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: Crothers, Daniel John
411/20/2007 Letter dtd 11-20-07 from counsel for respondent re no objections to Report by respondent (e-mailed)
511/21/2007 RECORD ON APPEAL
611/22/2007 Letter dtd 11-20-07 from Disciplinary Counsel re no objections to Report
812/03/2007 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
912/03/2007 Order of Reinstatement e-mailed to Parties, Disciplinary Board, West Publishing
1012/03/2007 Sundby is reinstated to the practice of law effective January 1, 2008, with limitations
1112/03/2007 Sundby is required to pay the costs of the Reinstatement proceedings in the amount of $1966.75
1212/04/2007 Order/Judgment Mailed to West
1312/04/2007 Summary sent to editor, SBAND, & publishers
1412/05/2007 Ltr dated 12-4-07 from Dennis D. Fisher stating he is the supervising lawyer over E.Jane Sundby's
1512/05/2007 practice. He will submit six month reports of compliance.
1601/04/2008 Receipt of $966.75 for payment of costs (Receipt No. 17971); $1000 deposit previously paid to DB
1706/06/2008 Letter Report from Dennis Fisher as required (Dated June 3, 2007 (sic))
1808/22/2008 Letter dated 08-21-2008 Jeff Bredahl replaces Dennis Fisher as supervising attorney
1912/08/2008 Letter Report, dated 12-4-08, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2006/05/2009 Letter Report dated 6-3-09 from Jeff Bredahl as required.
2112/31/2009 Letter Report dated 12-30-09 from Jeff Bredahl as required
2206/03/2010 Letter Report dated June 1, 2010 from Jeff Bredahl as required
2312/17/2010 Letter Report dated December 16, 2010, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2406/20/2011 Letter Report dated June 15, 2011, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2505/31/2012 Letter Report dated May 30, 2012, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2601/22/2013 Letter Report dated January 17, 2013, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2706/19/2013 Letter Report dated June 11, 2013, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2812/12/2013 Letter Report dated December 9, 2013, from Jeff Bredahl as required
2906/26/2014 Letter Report dated June 24, 2013, from Jeff Bredahl as required
3001/09/2015 Letter Report dated July 6, 2015, from Jeff Bredahl as required
3101/19/2015 Have we received required compliance status report? (delete when satisfied): 07/05/2015

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