Aasmundstad v. State of ND

20080018 Blake Aasmundstad; Duane J. Armstrong; Gary Armstrong;
Helen Armstrong; Pamela J. Armstrong; Jason Bednarz;
Karen (Brenda) Bednarz; Ruddy Binfet; Edward Brown; George A.
Brown, Jr.; Rodney J. Brown; Ronald J. Capp; R.A. Charlton;
Barry D. Cox; Judy M. Cox; Margaret R. Cox; Jean K. Davis;
Mary E. Dion; Lyle G. Dykhoff; Julie Englerth; Larry Englerth;
Mary Englerth; Donna Estenson; Larry Estenson; Genevieve Foss;
David Gorham; Constance Haugen; Rodger E. Haugen; Elaine F. Heisler;
Ronald D. Heisler; Edval Helle, Jr.; Randy Helle; Merle Henke;
Nicole Henke; Ardon L. Herman; Audrey Herman; Eileen Herman;
Reginal K. Herman; Duane Howard; Floyd Howard; Orpha Howard;
Lyle Huffman; Mavis Huffman; Joe E. Jager; Rose Ann Jager; Edna
Kenner; Lloyd Kenner; Douglas Ketterling; Anna E. Knudson;
Bjarne J. Knudson; John Knudson; Penelope Knudson; Donald Konzak;
Gregory Konzak; Karin Konzak; Kathleen E. a/k/a Kathleen E. Lerick;
Mary Konzak; Mavis Konzak; Peter Konzak; Leo Konzak Trust; Julian
Kostecki; Boyd LaFleur; Richard LaFleur; Gregory Maddock;
Marvin Logan Ranch, LLC - Elizabeth Gjellstad and Gary Hegland;
Carole Mattern; Donald Mattern; Dennis L. Melland; Gail Melland;
Jacqueline Melland; Rodney Melland; Donald Mertens d/b/a Lake
Region Bait Ranch; Mertens Farm Partnership (Robert Mertens,
Dennis Mertens, Henry Mertens, Jr., Thomas Mertens, Timothy Mertens);
Mary Nicholson; North Shore, Inc.; Alice Rassier; Jacob Roemmich;
Carol Rohr; Arthur Rohr; Gerald Schmidt; Linda Schmidt; Rick A.
Schwab; Gordon Shafer; Helen Shafer; Lillian Shafer; Richard
Shafer; Jan Shelver; Clark A. Steinhaus; Lois Steinhaus;
Stromme Brothers (Lloyd Stromme and Floyd Stromme); TBH Farms
(Allan Thompson, Yvonne Thomopson, Richard LaFleur, Shirley LaFleur,
Boyd LaFleur and Susan LaFleur); Allan Thompson; Karen Tollefson;
Kenneth D. Tollefson; James P. Wang; Daniel M. Webster; Doreen Webster;
Carol Weed; Monte Weed; Raymond Weed; Darlene Wold; Myron Wold;
and Marjorie Wood, Plaintiffs and Appellants
State of North Dakota, North Dakota State
Water Commission, North Dakota State Engineer,
Ramsey County Water Resources District, Benson
County Water Resources District, Towner County
Water Resources District, Cavalier County Water
Resources District, Rolette County Water Resources
District, Pierce County Water Resources District,
Nelson County Water Resources District, Walsh County
Water Resources District, and Devils Lake Joint Water
Resources District, and the officers, members,
employees and agents of each in their
official capacities, Defendants and Appellees

Appeal from: District Court, Northeast Judicial District, Ramsey County
Judge M. Richard Geiger
Nature of Action: Real Property
Appellant: Rinke Noonan
Appellee: Matthew Arnold Sagsveen , Att. General Office
Appellee: Swanson & Warcup, Ltd.
Appellee: #Pearson Christensen & Clapp, PLLP
Term: 06/2008   Argument: 06/02/2008
ND cite: 2008 ND 206
NW cite: 763 N.W.2d 748

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Issues: Appellant's Statement of the Issues:
I. Did the district court err by holding that the government projects, any or all of them, were not a proximate cause of appellants' damages?
II. Did the district court err by finding that appellees met their burden to prove that an act-of-god was the sole proximate cause of appellants' damages?
III. Did the district court err by holding that some of appellants' claims are barred by the statute of limitations?

Appellee's Statement of the Issues:
1. The landowners have not established an inverse condemnation claim. They failed to meet their burden of proof.
2. The evidence submitted by the landowners was found unreliable by the trial court, and so its analysis of proximate cause and whether the landowners' unreliable evidence constituted a "substantial cause" was unnecessary.
3. A three-year statute of limitations applies to inverse condemnation claims against the State under N.D.C.C.  28-01-22.1.
4. The trial court correctly applied the law with respect to the accrual of the landowners' claims.
5. The trial court properly dismissed the claims of James Wang, George A. Brown, Jr., Rodger and Constance Haugen, Gordon and Lillian Shafer, and TBH Farms.

Appellee's Statement of the Issues:
I. Whether the trial court correctly determined that the 20 year statute of limitations for recovery or possession of real property does not apply to claims of inverse condemnation?
II. Whether the trial court's findings that Plaintiffs failed to establish proximate cause are clearly erroneous?
III. Whether the temporary closing of a public roadway due to flood related reconstruction constitutes an unconstitutional taking of access from a non-abutting property owner?
IV. Whether the District Court properly held that the Plaintiffs' damages were caused by an Act of God?

Appellee 3 issues:
I. Were the trial court's findings, that none of the Projects were the cause in fact of the flooding on Plaintiffs' land, clearly erroneous?
II. Were the trial court's findings, that none of the Projects were the proximate cause of Plaintiffs' damages, clearly erroneous?
III. Was the trial court's finding, that the flooding of the Plaintiffs' lands was an Act of God, clearly erroneous?
IV. Whether the trial court properly dismissed certain Plaintiffs' claims because they failed to bring their claim within the applicable statute of limitations?
V. Was the trial court's dismissal of the claims by James Wang, George A. Brown Jr., Rodger and Constance Haugen, Gordon and Lillian Shafer, and TBH Farms clearly erroneous or an abuse of discretion?
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Docket entries:
101/15/2008 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 01/14/2008
201/15/2008 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT: 01/14/2008
301/22/2008 Copy of letter requesting advance payment for copies of transcript
401/24/2008 TRANSCRIPTS (17 VOLS.) DATED 7/31/06, 8/1/06, 8/2/06, 8/3/06, 8/4/06, 8/7/06, 8/8/06
501/24/2008 8/8/06, 8/9/06, 8/10/06, 8/14/06, 8/15/06, 8/16/06, 8/17/06, 8/18/06, 9/14/06, AND 9/15/06
701/29/2008 RECORD ON APPEAL (32 VOLUMES) AND SEPARATES INCLUDING Exhibits, transcripts, depositions, maps and
801/29/2008 discs. Not sent were No. 318 (missing affidavit) and No. 937 (Withdrawn PL Exh. 892)
1103/04/2008 DISK - atb (e-mailed)
1203/06/2008 Affidavit of Service by Mail of ATB
1304/01/2008 JOINT MOT. EXT/TIME APPELLEE BRIEF & Affidavit in Support
1404/01/2008 ACTION BY CLERK (Extension for all Appellees). Granted: 04/28/2008
1504/03/2008 Affidavit of Daniel L. Guastad in Support of Defendants/Appellees' Mot/Ext/Time
1604/28/2008 MOT./Ext. of Word Limits for Water Resouce Districts' AEB, Affidavit in Support & Aff. of Service
1704/28/2008 ACTION BY Acting CHIEF JUSTICE (Mot/Extend Page Limits). Denied
1804/28/2008 APPELLEE BRIEF of State of North Dakota, State Water Commission and State Engineer
1904/28/2008 APPELLEE APPENDIX (Joint Supplemental Appendix filed by State of North Dakota)
2004/28/2008 DISK - AEB (State of North Dakota)
2104/28/2008 APPELLEE BRIEF of Ramsey Co. Water Resource Dt. and Devils Lake Basin Jt. Water Resource Board
2204/28/2008 APPELLEE BRIEF of Nelson County, Benson County, et al.
2304/29/2008 DISK - AEB of Ramsey Co. WRD and Devils Lake Basin Joint WRD (CD-Rom)
2404/29/2008 Affidavit of Service of AEB of Ramsey Co. WRD and Devils Lake Basin Jt. Water Resource Board
2504/29/2008 DISK - AEB Nelson Co. et al. (CD-Rom)
2604/29/2008 Affidavit of Service by Mail of AEB Nelson Co. et al.
2705/12/2008 REPLY BRIEF of Appellants
2805/12/2008 DISK - ryb (e-mailed)
2905/14/2008 Affidavit of Service by Mail of RYB
3006/02/2008 APPEARANCES: Gary R. Leistico, Nicholas R. Delaney; Matthew A. Sagsveen; Ronald F. Fischer,
3106/02/2008 Daniel L. Gaustad; Howard D. Swanson
3206/02/2008 ARGUED: Leistico; Sagsveen; Fischer
3409/16/2008 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: Maring, Mary Muehlen
3611/19/2008 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Sandstrom, Dale V.
3711/19/2008 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellees.
3811/20/2008 Judgment E-Mailed to Parties
4112/03/2008 DISK-PER (E-MAILED)
4212/08/2008 Additional copy of Addendum to Appellant's Petition for Rehearing
4312/16/2008 Court requests response(s) to the Petition for Rehearing
4401/09/2009 Answer of Appellees Water Resource Districts for the Counties of Benson, Towner,Cavalier, Rolette,
4501/09/2009 Pierce, Nelson, & Walsh to Appellants' Pet/Rehearing
4601/09/2009 Letter from Matthew Sagsveen dated 1-9-09 stating the State of North Dakota joins & adopts the
4701/09/2009 Answer of Appellees Water Resource Districts for the Counties of Benson, Towner, Cavalier,
4801/09/2009 Rolette, Pierce, Nelson, & Walsh to Appellant's Petition for Rehearing
4901/09/2009 Answer of Appellees Ramsey County Water Resource District and Devils Lake Basin Joint Water
5001/09/2009 Resource Board to Appellants' Petition for Rehearing.
5204/02/2009 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT - (Substitute Opinion Pages). Granted
5404/02/2009 OPINION ON PETITION FOR REHEARING (Part of Modified original Opinion)
5504/02/2009 Substitute Opinion Pages 1 and 10 thru end of opinion
5604/02/2009 Order Mailed to Parties (Re Substitute Opinion Pages 1 & 10 thru end of Opinion)
5704/15/2009 MANDATE
5904/22/2009 Corrected Opinion Page - first page of Title Page only
6004/23/2009 Corrected Judgment (name in title Richard Schafer changed to Richard Shafer)
6104/28/2009 Judgment Corrected Mailed to Parties

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