State v. Dahl

20090018 State of North Dakota, Plaintiff and Appellee
Darin Wayne Dahl, Defendant and Appellant

Appeal from: District Court, Southeast Judicial District, Griggs County
Judge James M. Bekken
Nature of Action: Misc. Statutory Off. (Misdemeanor)
Appellant: Joel Lyle Larson
Appellee: Charles Alan Stock , Asst. State's Attorney
Term: 10/2009   Argument: 10/27/2009
ND cite: 2009 ND 204
NW cite: 776 N.W.2d 37

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Issues: Appellant's Statement of the Issues:
I.Whether There was Sufficient Evidence to Convict Darin Dahl of the Offense of Harassment.
II.Whether There was Sufficient Evidence to Convict Darin Dahl of the Offense of Reckless Endangerment.
III.Whether Darin Dahl Voluntarily, Knowingly, and Intelligently Waived his Right to Counsel and Whether Darin Dahl was Sufficiently Made Aware of the Dangers and Disadvantages of Self-Representation and whether he had the mental capacity to waive his right to counsel.

Appellee's Statement of the Issues:
I. Whether there was sufficient evidence to convict Darin Dahl of the offense of Harassment.
II. Whether there was sufficient evidence to convict Darin Dahl of the offense of Reckless Endangerment.
III. Whether Darin Dahl voluntarily, knowingly, and intelligently waived his right to counsel, and whether Darin Dahl was sufficiently made aware of the dangers and disadvantages of self-representation and whether he had the mental competency to waive his right to counsel.

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Docket entries:
101/15/2009 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 01/14/2009
201/15/2009 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT: 01/14/2009
301/15/2009 This case is consolidated w/20090019; make all entries except DIS and MAN in this case
402/12/2009 RECORD ON APPEAL, Exhibits & Transcript dated 12-18-08
503/04/2009 TRANSCRIPTS DATED 8-18-08; 10-15&16-08; & 12-22-08 (3 vols.)
603/04/2009 DISK - TRA (8/18/08; 10/15&16/08; & 12/22/08) (E-Mailed)
703/12/2009 Motion for Supplemental Transcript, to Establishe Due Date for Supplemental Tran. and
803/12/2009 and reset the briefing schedule
903/12/2009 E-FILED MOTION
1003/12/2009 ACTION BY CLERK (transcript due 04/01/2009). Granted: 04/01/2009
1103/26/2009 TRANSCRIPT DATED October 8, 2008
1203/26/2009 DISK - TRA (10/08/2008)
1305/05/2009 APPELLANT BRIEF (e-filed) (PDF)
1405/05/2009 E-FILED BRIEF (ATB) (PDF)
1505/05/2009 APPELLANT APPENDIX (E-filed)
1605/05/2009 E-FILED APPENDIX (ATA)
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1805/11/2009 MOT. EXT/TIME APPELLEE BRIEF (E-filed)
1905/11/2009 E-FILED MOTION (MAE)
2005/11/2009 ACTION BY CHIEF DEPUTY CLERK (MAE). Granted: 07/06/2009
2105/12/2009 Received 6 copies of ATA from CSD
2205/13/2009 Received 7 copies of ATB from Central Duplicating.
2307/02/2009 APPELLEE BRIEF (e-filed) (PDF)
2407/02/2009 E-FILED BRIEF (AEB) (PDF)
2507/06/2009 Received $25 surcharge (Receipt No. 18912)
2607/08/2009 Received 7 copies of AEB from CSD
2807/31/2009 Motion to continue oral argument until the October Term
2908/06/2009 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Motion to continue oral argument until October). Granted
3010/27/2009 APPEARANCES: Joel Larson/Charles Stock
3110/27/2009 ARGUED: Larson/Stock
3312/15/2009 UNANIMOUS OPINION: VandeWalle, Gerald W.
3412/16/2009 Judgment Sent to Parties
3501/06/2010 MANDATE

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