Reciprocal Discipline of Kitchen

20130018 In the Matter of the Reciprocal
Discipline of Craig V. Kitchen,
a Person Admitted to the Bar of
the State of North Dakota

Nature of Action: Disciplinary Proceedings (Civil)
Petitioner: Brent J. Edison
Respondent: Pro se
ND cite: 2013 ND 18
NW cite: 826 N.W.2d 620

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Docket entries:
101/17/2013 Letter dated 1-16-13 from Asst. Disc. Counsel informing Court of Disc. Bd recommendation of 60-day
201/17/2013 suspension with reinstatement conditioned upon requirements of Wisconsin S. Ct. Order (in Record)
301/17/2013 Record on Appeal (Entry Nos. 1 - 6)
401/28/2013 Supplemental Record on Appeal (Entry No. 7)
501/29/2013 Second Supplemental Record on Appeal (Entry No. 8)
602/01/2013 Third Supplemental Record on Appeal (Entry No. 9)
702/12/2013 DISPOSITION (Reciprocal Discipline with Conditions Ordered): DISCIPLINE IMPOSED
802/13/2013 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
902/13/2013 Ordered, that the reciprocal discipline of suspension with conditions against Kitchen based on the
1002/12/2013 Order of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is warrented. Because he is not admitted and not licensed in
1102/12/2013 in this state, he is not eligible to apply for licensure for at leat 60 days from entry of
1202/12/2013 judgment and must show proof of compliance with conditions of reinstatement of Wisconsin Supreme
1302/12/2012 Court
1402/12/2013 Judgment E-Mailed to Parties
1502/19/2013 Affidavit of Publication - Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
1603/05/2018 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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