Chambering of Judgeship No. 9 in the East Central Judicial District

20130132 In the Matter of the Chambering
of New Judgeship No. 9 in the
East Central Judicial District

ND cite: 2013 ND 81
NW cite: 831 N.W.2d 052

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Docket entries:
105/01/2013 Senate Bill 2002 authorized a new judgeship in the ECJD effective July 1, 2013
205/01/2013 Notice of Comment dated 05/01/2013 posted to the Supreme Court website on Notices page
305/01/2013 Notice of comment emailed to EC District Judges, Referees, Administrators, Clerks and SBAND
405/01/2013 Notice of Comment emailed to publish in official newspapers in Cass, Steele and Traill Counties
505/01/2013 Notice of Comment emailed to Mayor of City of Fargo
605/10/2013 ECJD Report under N.D.Sup.Ct. Admin. R. 7.1 (electronic copy - original signatures recvd. 5/13/13)
705/13/2013 Steele County Press - Affidavit of Publication
805/15/2013 Weighted Caseload Studies for 2010, 2011 and 2012
1005/16/2013 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
1105/16/2013 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT. Granted
1205/16/2013 Order/Judgment Sent to Parties
1306/07/2013 Traill County Tribune - Affidavit of Publication

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