Chambering of Judgeship No. 11 in the Northwest Judicial District

20130135 In the Matter of the Chambering
of New Judgeship No. 11 in the
Northwest Judicial District

ND cite: 2013 ND 86
NW cite: 831 N.W.2d 717

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Docket entries:
105/01/2013 Senate Bill 2002 authorized 2 new judgeships in the NWJD effective July 1, 2013
205/01/2013 This file is for Judgeship No. 11 in NWJD --- Docket No. 20130134 is for Judgeship No. 10
305/01/2013 Notice of Comment dated 5-01-2013 posted to the Supreme Court website on Notices page
405/01/2013 Notice of Comment emailed to NW Judges, Referees, Court Clerks, Juvenile Offices, Admin. and SBAND
505/01/2013 Notice of Comment emailed to Boards of County Commissioners via the auditor for Burke, Divide,
605/01/2013 McKenzie, Mountrail, Ward and Williams Counties
705/01/2013 Notice of Comment emailed for publication to the official newspapers in the six counties
805/01/2013 Comments due 5/31/2013: 05/31/2013
905/02/2013 Comments from Robert Martin (also filed in 20130134)
1005/02/2013 Comments from Jerome Gruenberg, Ward County Commissioner
1105/03/2013 Comments from John Fjeldahl, Ward County Commissioner
1205/09/2013 Comments from Roza Larson, Ward County State's Attorney
1305/09/2013 Comments from Charles DeMakis, attorney
1405/09/2013 Burke County Tribute Affidavit of Publication
1505/09/2013 Divide County Journal Affidavit of Publication
1605/10/2013 McKenzie County Farmer Affidavit of Publication
1705/10/2013 County Sheriffs in the NWJD invited to comment on chambering
1805/13/2013 Mountrail County Promoter Affidavit of Publication
1905/13/2013 Williston Herald Affidavit of Publication
2005/15/2013 Weighted Caseload Studies for 2010, 2011 and 2012
2105/17/2013 NWJD Report under N.D.Sup. Ct. Admin. R. 7.1
2205/17/2013 Comments from Williams County Commission
2305/21/2013 Comments of Judge Goodman forwarded by Carolyn Probst
2405/28/2013 Comments from Upper Missouri River Bar Association (signed by Kirsten Sjue)
2505/29/2013 Comment/Petition from the McKenzie County Commission
2605/29/2013 Comment from Mayor of Watford City
2705/31/2013 Comment from Lanae Roos, Clerk of McKenzie County District Court
2906/04/2013 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
3006/04/2013 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT. Granted
3106/04/2013 Order sent to NWJD, county auditor, newspapers, SBAND, those providing comments, Governor

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