Vacancy in Judgeship No. 2, SEJD

20140077 In the Matter of the Vacancy in
Judgeship No. 2, Southeast
Judicial District

ND cite: 2014 ND 77
NW cite: 854 N.W.2d 831

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Docket entries:
103/04/2014 PETITION FILED (Governor's letter dated March 3, 2014)
203/05/2014 Notice of Consultation posted to S.Ct. web page
303/05/2014 Notice of Consultation emailed to SE District Judges, State Judges, Admin. and SBAND
403/05/2014 Notice of Consultation emailed to SEJD county official newspapers
503/05/2014 Notice of Consultation emailed to SEJD County Commissioners in care of auditors
603/10/2014 Comments from Samuel Johnson
703/10/2014 Comments from Ron McBeth
803/10/2014 Comments from Don Krassin
903/10/2014 Affidavit of Publication - Wahpeton Daily News
1003/11/2014 Comments from Cynthia Schaar
1103/11/2014 Comments from Megan Kummer
1203/13/2014 Comments from Steve Lies
1303/14/2014 Weighted Caseload Study - State Court Administrator's Office
1403/17/2014 Affidavit of Publication - Dickey County Leader
1503/17/2014 Comments from Russell Myhre
1603/19/2014 Affidavit of Publication - Valley City Times-Record
1703/19/2014 Affidavit of Publication - Sargent County Teller
1803/19/2014 Affidavit of Publication - Griggs County Courier
1903/19/2014 Comment from Ransom County Board of Commissioners
2003/20/2014 Report of the Southeast Judicial District
2103/24/2014 Affidavit of Publication - New Rockford Transcript
2203/25/2014 Comments from the Judges of the Southeast Judicial District
2303/27/2014 Comments from the Sargent County Board of Commissioners
2403/27/2014 Comments from LaMoure County Commissioners and Kim Radermacher
2503/28/2014 Comments from Richland Board of County Commissioners
2603/28/2014 Comments from Paul Murphy
2703/31/2014 Affidavit of Publication - Steele Ozone & Kidder County Press
2803/31/2014 Comments from the Barnes County Bar Association
2904/01/2014 Comments from Jason Butts on behalf of SEJD Bar Association
3004/02/2014 Comments from the South Central Judicial District
3104/03/2014 Comments from SEJD Presiding Judge John Greenwood
3204/03/2014 Comments from the Barnes County Board of Commissioners, Sheriff, and State's Attorney
3304/17/2014 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam,
3404/17/2014 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT. Granted
3604/17/2014 Order e-mailed to SE Judges, state's district judges, ct. admin, SBAND and others

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