Lundgren v. Mohagen

870374 Elmond Lundgren and Estelle
Lundgren, Plaintiffs and Appellants
Donald Mohagen, Loren W. Mattern
and Citizen's State Bank of Mohall, Defendants and Appellees

Appeal from: District Court, Northeast Judicial District, Renville County
Judge William A. Neumann
Nature of Action: Real Property
Appellant: McGee, Hankla & Backes
Appellee: Bosard, McCutcheon & Rau, Ltd.
Appellee: Eaton, Ward & Associates
Appellee: John S. Steinberger Jr.
Term: 05/1988   Argument: 05/23/1988
NW cite: 426 N.W.2d 563

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Docket entries:
112/08/1987 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 12/03/1987
212/29/1987 RETENTION OF RECORD ON APPEAL: 01/22/1988
301/20/1988 RECORD ON APPEAL & Exhibits (with the exception of Exhibit 6-
401/20/1988 (Steel spoke from old tractor wheel) which the Clerk
501/20/1988 indicates is too heavy to send through regular mail.
601/22/1988 TRANSCRIPT DATED September 1, 1987
702/24/1988 Designation of Appendix and Statement of Issue
1003/29/1988 APPELLEE BRIEF (Citizens State Bank of Mohall)
1103/30/1988 APPELLEE BRIEF (Donald Mohagen)
1203/31/1988 APPELLEE BRIEF (Loren W. Mattern)
1303/31/1988 Original Brief of Appellee Citizens State Bank of Mohall
1403/31/1988 Letter from Bruce A. Schoenwald requesting
1503/31/1988 additional argument time for Appellee Loren W. Mattern
1604/05/1988 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE (add'l 5 minutes). GRANTED
1705/03/1988 Letter from Mr. Steinberger regarding no appearance on behalf
1805/03/1988 of Citizens Bank of Mohall & requesting that the other
1905/03/1988 two defendants share his 20 minutes.
2005/23/1988 APPEARANCES: Russel G. Robinson; Gary H. Lee for Appellee
2105/23/1988 Mohagen; Bruce A. Schoenwald for Appellee Mattern
2205/23/1988 ARGUED: Robinson; Lee; Schoenwald (Vol. Q, pg. 152)
2407/19/1988 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Erickstad, Ralph J.
2508/10/1988 MANDATE
2604/23/2001 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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