City of Grand Forks v. Cameron

880040 City of Grand Forks, Plaintiff and Appellee
Michael Cameron, Defendant and Appellant

Appeal from: County Court, Grand Forks County
Judge Thomas K. Metelmann
Appellant: Howe & Seaworth
Appellee: Dwight F. Kalash , Asst. City Attorney
Term: 11/1988   Argument: 11/08/1988
NW cite: 435 N.W.2d 700

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Docket entries:
102/04/1988 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 01/28/1988
202/04/1988 RECORD ON APPEAL,with exception of Entry #30 (Poster)
302/04/1988 which was forwarded in State v. Krile (880043)
402/04/1988 NOTE: Make all docket entries in this file.
504/13/1988 MOTION FOR DISMISSAL. RESPDUE: 04/25/1988
704/27/1988 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (with the under-. GRANTED: 07/27/1988
804/27/1988 standing the transcript and brief will be filed within
904/27/1988 60 days and in no event later than June 27, 1988
1004/28/1988 Acknowledgment of Order for Transcript.
1106/10/1988 MOTION EXT/TIME TRANSCRIPT (7 copies made)
1206/21/1988 Attorneys Statement in Support of Motion for Extension of
1306/21/1988 Time to File the Transcript-as requested by the Court
1406/22/1988 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT. GRANTED: 07/27/1988
1506/24/1988 TRANSCRIPT DATED October 28, 1987 (3 volumes)
1608/01/1988 MOT. EXT/TIME APPELLANT BRIEF (Stipulation)
1708/01/1988 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE (GWV Acting CH). GRANTED: 08/19/1988
1808/22/1988 APPELLANT BRIEF
1908/22/1988 Mr. Howe's letter dated 8-19-88 states Appendix will be
2008/22/1988 forthcoming
2108/26/1988 Mr. Howe's letter of 8-25-88 states filing of appendix will
2208/26/1988 be deferred to permit filing one consolidated appendix
2308/26/1988 and that filing of tran. will not be made until after the
2408/26/1988 appellee's brief is filed.
2509/15/1988 APPELLEE BRIEF
2711/08/1988 APPEARANCES: Henry H. Howe; Dwight Kalash, Asst. City Atty.
2811/08/1988 ARGUED: Howe; Kalash (Vol. Q, pg. 194)
3002/10/1989 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Levine, Beryl J.
3103/06/1989 MANDATE
3204/09/2001 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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