Soentgen v. Quain & Ramstad Clinic

900170 Mary Louise Soentgen, Plaintiff and Appellant
Quain & Ramstad Clinic,
P.C., Medcenter One, Inc.,
a corporation, Terrance G.
Brosseau, individually
and as an agent of
Medcenter One, Defendants and Appellees

Appeal from: District Court, South Central Judicial District, Burleigh County
Judge William F. Hodny
Nature of Action: Other (Civil)
Appellant: Severin, Ringsak & Morrow
Appellee: Schulz Geiermann & Bergeson Law Offices, P.C.
Appellee: Zuger Kirmis & Smith
Term: 10/1990   Argument: 10/10/1990
NW cite: 467 N.W.2d 073

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Docket entries:
104/19/1990 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 04/17/1990
204/19/1990 TRANSCRIPT DATED 12/11/89 & 3 TRANSCRIPTS DATED 1/2/90
304/25/1990 Letter from Lyle Kirmis indicating an additional transcript
404/25/1990 will be filed
505/17/1990 TRANSCRIPT DATED 11-20-89
605/17/1990 RECORD ON APPEAL (2 vols.); Deposition (1)
1006/26/1990 DATED 8-12-87 (copies)
1106/26/1990 Letter from Tim Lervick consenting to the substitution of
1206/26/1990 pages 22, 23, 24, 25, 40, 41, 42, 46, 60, 62, 63, 73, 74,
1306/26/1990 80, 82, 87, 93, 94, & 95 of the Transcript of Proceedings
1406/26/1990 of the Board of Directors Meeting dated 8-12-87. This
1506/26/1990 substitution is being made to remove the pages which bear
1606/26/1990 patient names, in order to comply with the Court's Order
1706/26/1990 of 3-6-89, regarding patient confidentiality.
1806/26/1990 Copy of above letter with consent signed by William Severin
1906/26/1990 and Lyle Kirmis that they each agree to the substitution
2006/26/1990 of above pages. (PAGES WERE SUBSTITUTED IN ALL COPIES OF
2106/26/1990 THE TRANSCRIPT)
2207/26/1990 APPELLEE BRIEF (Medcenter One, Inc. and Terrance G. Brosseau)
2307/26/1990 APPELLEE BRIEF (Quain & Ramstad Clinic, P.C.); 8 Exhibit "1"
2407/26/1990 to Brief of AE Quain & Ramstad Clinic (Relevant Pages from
2507/26/1990 Trans. of Deposition of Mary Louise Soentgen, M.D.)
2608/09/1990 REPLY BRIEF of Appellant
2709/17/1990 Letter from Tim Lervick requesting add'l time
2809/17/1990 for O/A for Appellees Medcenter One and Terrance Brosseau
2909/18/1990 Letter from Lyle W. Kirmis requesting add'l time for Q & R
3009/20/1990 Letter from William C. Severin requesting add'l time for AT
3109/20/1990 ACTION BY CHIEF JUSTICE (Add'l time for O/A. GRANTED
3209/20/1990 (Appellant will have 45 minutes and each Appellee (2) will
3309/20/1990 have 20 minutes--for a total of 85 minutes)
3410/10/1990 APPEARANCES: William C. Severin for Appellant; Timothy D.
3510/10/1990 Lervick for Appellees Medcenter One and Terrance Brosseau;
3610/10/1990 Lyle W. Kirmis and Kathleen K. Davison for Appellee
3710/10/1990 Q & R Clinic
3810/10/1990 ARGUED: Severin; Lervick; Kirmis (Vol. S, pg. 22)
3910/10/1990 Justice Levine informed counsel that she has had occasion to
4010/10/1990 meet the Appellant at different times. However, she does
4110/10/1990 not feel it would prejudice her in this case. Mr. Severin
4210/10/1990 on behalf of the Appellant had no objection to Justice
4310/10/1990 Levine sitting on this case. Mr. Lervick on behalf of
4410/10/1990 Appellees Medcenter One and Terrance Brosseau, and Mr.
4510/10/1990 Kirmis on behalf of Appellee Q & R Clinic stated they had
4610/10/1990 no objection to Justice Levine remaining on the case.
4802/21/1991 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Meschke, Herbert L.
4902/21/1991 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of neither party
5003/15/1991 MANDATE
5104/23/2001 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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