Cranston v. Winters

9158 Mary Irene Cranston, individually and as executrix of the estate of Syvilla Ballantyne, deceased, and Helen Jeanette Ballantyne, Plaintiffs and Appellants
Ethel Winters, Lester O. Ballantyne, George W. Ballantyne, Vivian M. Campin, Evelyn D. Peterson, formerly Evelyn D. Christensen, and Orlena Ballantyne, Defendants and Appellees
William T. Ballantyne, Raymond O. Ballantyne, State of North Dakota, and All persons unknown, claiming any estate or interest in or lien or encumbrance upon the property described in the complaint, Defendants

Nature of Action: Probate - Wills - Trusts
NW cite: 238 N.W.2d 647

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Docket entries:
102/11/1976 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Vogel, Robert
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