Aaland v. Lake Region Grain Cooperative

930191 David Aaland, Plaintiff and Appellant
Lake Region Grain Cooperative,
Devils Lake, North Dakota, Defendant and Appellee

Appeal from: District Court, Northeast Judicial District, Ramsey County
Judge James H. O'Keefe
Nature of Action: Employer/Employee Dispute
Appellant: Anderson, Bottrell, Sanden & Thompson
Appellee: Haugland, Halbach and Halbach
Term: 12/1993   Argument: 12/09/1993
NW cite: 511 N.W.2d 244

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Docket entries:
106/10/1993 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 06/09/1993
206/14/1993 Letter dated 6/11/93 from Peter Halbach to Ct. Rptr.
306/14/1993 indicating Defendant does not agree to partial transcript
406/16/1993 RETENTION OF RECORD ON APPEAL (by Ct. Rptr.): 07/29/1993
506/16/1993 Letter dated 6/15/93 from Ct. Rptr. to Thomas Fiebiger
606/16/1993 indicating transcript preparation is being suspended in
706/16/1993 lieu of the disagreement between the parties regarding
806/16/1993 a partial or complete transcript.
906/22/1993 Revised Order for Transcript
1007/28/1993 TRANSCRIPT DATED December 23, 1992
1108/04/1993 RECORD ON APPEAL (3 volumes and 1 separate)
1208/04/1993 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: Neumann, William A.
1308/17/1993 Corrected copies of transcript pages; inserted as requested
1409/02/1993 SUPPLEMENTAL CLERK'S CERT. DATED 9-01-93(Entry Nos. 103-104)
1509/03/1993 APPELLANT BRIEF
1710/06/1993 APPELLEE BRIEF (NOTE: requested addtl. copy)
1810/08/1993 Copy of letter from Mr. Fiebiger to Mr. Halbach regarding
1910/08/1993 ext/time to file RYB
2010/08/1993 Letter from Mr. Halbach dated 10-8-93 RE: no objection to
2110/08/1993 ext/time to file RYB
2210/08/1993 Copy of AEB (as requested on 10-6-93)
2311/04/1993 REPLY BRIEF
2411/12/1993 SITTING WITH THE COURT: Wright, James A.
2512/09/1993 APPEARANCES: Thomas D. Fiebiger; Peter K. Halbach
2612/09/1993 ARGUED: Fiebiger; Halbach (Vol. T, pg. 182)
2801/20/1994 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Levine, Beryl J.
2901/20/1994 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellant
3102/25/1994 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Pet/Rehearing). DENIED
3203/07/1994 MANDATE
3304/05/2001 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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