City of Fargo v. Thompson

940008 City of Fargo, Plaintiff and Appellant
William Noble Thompson, Defendant and Appellee

Appeal from: County Court, Cass County
Judge Frank L. Racek
Nature of Action: Dui/Dus
Appellant: Thomas J. Gaughan , City Prosecutor
Appellee: Brian W. Nelson & Associates
Term: 05/1994   Argument: 05/10/1994
NW cite: 520 N.W.2d 578

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Docket entries:
101/04/1994 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 12/16/1993
201/04/1994 (This case is consolidated w/940009-12. Make all docket
301/04/1994 entries, except disposition, in this case.)
401/12/1994 Req/Ext/ROA (Letter from Clerk)
501/12/1994 ACTION BY CLERK (Req/Ext/ROA). GRANTED
601/12/1994 RETENTION OF RECORD ON APPEAL: 02/04/1994
701/20/1994 RECORD ON APPEAL
802/01/1994 TRANSCRIPT DATED Nov. 3, 1993 (Filed in 940007, as well as
902/01/1994 940008 through 940012)
1002/16/1994 Letter dated 2-15-94 from Thomas Gaughan stating he does not
1102/16/1994 want Supreme Ct. Nos. 940008-940012 consolidated with
1202/16/1994 Supreme Ct. Nos. 940004-940007. He also wants due date
1302/16/1994 for ATB verified (see PM's letter dated 2-16-94)
1403/14/1994 APPELLANT BRIEF (also for 940009)
1503/14/1994 APPELLANT APPENDIX (Also for 940009) (See 940010-12 for other
1603/14/1994 docket entries of ATB & ATA)
1703/30/1994 Letter dated 3/29/94 from Thomas J. Gaughan
1803/30/1994 indicating he would have no objection to consolidation
1903/30/1994 of 940008-940012 as long as the Court is aware that
2003/30/1994 the appeals are predicated on the lack of factual
2103/30/1994 support for the trial court's dismissals of the
2203/30/1994 respective actions (distribute to assigned author to
2303/30/1994 determine if consolidation for oral argument purposes is appropriate)
2404/08/1994 APPELLEE BRIEF
2505/10/1994 APPEARANCES: Thomas J. Gaughan, City Pros.; Robin L. Olson
2605/10/1994 ARGUED: Gaughan; Olson (Vol. U, pgs. 6-7)
2808/24/1994 SPLIT OPINION: Sandstrom, Dale V.
2908/24/1994 (Concurring & dissent): Levine, Beryl J.: CON/DIS
3109/16/1994 MANDATE
3204/02/2001 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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