Kemp v. City of Grand Forks

940074 James Adam Kemp, Plaintiff and Appellant
City of Grand Forks,
North Dakota and Chester
Paschke, Chief of Police,
City of Grand Forks,
North Dakota, Defendants and Appellees

Appeal from: District Court, Northeast Central Judicial District, Grand Forks County
Judge Lawrence E. Jahnke
Nature of Action: Other (Civil)
Appellant: Howe & Seaworth
Appellee: Howard D. Swanson , City Attorney
Term: 09/1994   Argument: 09/27/1994
NW cite: 523 N.W.2d 406

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Docket entries:
103/02/1994 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 02/28/1994
203/31/1994 RECORD ON APPEAL and trans. dated 10-28-87 in Case:
303/31/1994 "City of Grand Forks v. Tom Krile, Adam Kemp & Michael
403/31/1994 Cameron"(Grand Forks Co. Court Nos. 879, 880, & 881)
604/12/1994 ACTION BY CLERK. GRANTED: 04/19/1994
704/19/1994 APPELLANT APPENDIX (missing NOA)
804/22/1994 Appellant's Brief returned to Mr. Howe--wrong type
904/26/1994 APPELLANT BRIEF corrected
1004/27/1994 Notice of Appeal inserted into Appendices
1104/29/1994 Designation of Appendix (Appellee's)
1205/02/1994 MOTION for Dismissal, Brief, Affidavit of Howard Swanson, & Affidavit of Service by Mail
1305/18/1994 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Unless a cost bond is filed by 5/25/94 & Mr. Howe, not appellant, pays. GRANTED
1405/18/1994 $285 attorney's fees to counsel for Appellees, this case
1505/18/1994 will be dismissed.)
1605/06/1994 MOTION to Strike Portions of the ATA, Aff. of
1705/06/1994 Howard Swanson, Brief and Affidavit of Service by Mail
1805/17/1994 Response to Motion to Dismiss (orig. & 7 copies)
1905/18/1994 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Motion to Strike is. GRANTED
2005/18/1994 granted and those portions of the appendix identified by
2105/18/1994 Appellees' Motion to Strike are hereby stricken from the
2205/18/1994 Appendix. Appellees are authorized to file a Supplemental
2305/18/1994 Appendix that includes those pages previously identified in
2405/18/1994 the Appellee's Designation of Appendix filed 4/29/94.
2505/18/1994 Appellees have and recover from the Appellant double costs
2605/18/1994 for the preparation of a Supplemental Appendix regardless
2705/18/1994 of the disposition of this appeal.)
2905/18/1994 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: Sandstrom, Dale V.
3005/24/1994 APPELLEE BRIEF
3205/27/1994 Letter dated 5-27-94 from Howard Swanson confirming that
3305/27/1994 Mr. Howe had paid the attorney's fees and cost for prepa-
3405/27/1994 ration of the Appendix & cost bond
3508/03/1994 SITTING WITH THE COURT: Olson, Everett Nels
3609/22/1994 Notice of Appearance by Law Student (Kevin L. Erickson),
3709/22/1994 Consent of the City of G.Fks., Consent of Chester Paschke,
3809/22/1994 Supervising Attorney's (Howard D. Swanson) Approval for
3909/22/1994 Appearance, and Aff. of Mailing (2 copies made--1 copy
4009/22/1994 given to GWV)
4109/22/1994 Notice of Appearance by Law Student (Vincent J. Esades)
4209/22/1994 (Needs to file Temporary Practice of Law Form as well as
4309/22/1994 consent of client for Mr. Esades to argue prior to o/a)
4409/27/1994 Consent to Appearance of Law School Graduate (Esades) &
4509/27/1994 Certificate of Temporary Admission of Vincent J. Esades
4609/27/1994 APPEARANCES: Vincent J. Esades, 3rd year law student, and
4709/27/1994 Henry H. Howe; Howard D. Swanson, City Attorney, and
4809/27/1994 Kevin L. Erickson, 3rd year law student
4909/27/1994 ARGUED: Esades; Swanson (Vol. U, pg. 37)
5110/31/1994 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Levine, Beryl J.
5210/31/1994 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellee
5411/22/1994 MANDATE
5504/02/2003 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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