Symington v. Walle Mutual Ins. Co.

960340 Clayton Symington, Plaintiff and Appellant
Walle Mutual Insurance
Company, Defendant and Appellee
Citizens Insurance
Agency of Cavalier;
and Steven Brekke, Defendants and Appellants

Appeal from: District Court, Northeast Judicial District, Pembina County
Judge Thomas K. Metelmann
Nature of Action: Insurance
Appellant: Johannson, Rust, Stock & Rasmusson, P.A.
Appellant: Zimney Foster P.C.
Appellee: Pearson Christensen, PLLP
Term: 02/1997   Argument: 02/20/1997
ND cite: 1997 ND 93
NW cite: 563 N.W.2d 400

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Docket entries:
110/30/1996 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 10/29/1996
211/04/1996 Amended Notice of Appeal filed in lower court on 10-31-96
311/06/1996 Ltr from Kenneth F. Johannson stating no OTR filed 11-6-96
411/25/1996 SECOND NOTICE OF APPEAL (Citizens Ins. Agency of Cavalier, & Steven Brekke)
511/27/1996 RECORD ON APPEAL (2 volumes & sep #68/depo Kirk Nestaval)
611/27/1996 NOTE: see docket memo before checking out ROA
712/03/1996 Letter dated 12-02-96 from Scott J. Landa (in light of this
812/03/1996 letter, the NOA received 11-25-96 will be filed as a
912/03/1996 second Notice of Appeal in this case, not a cross-appeal)
1012/03/1996 APPELLANT BRIEF (Citizens Ins. Agency & Brekke)
1112/03/1996 APPELLANT BRIEF (Symington)
1212/03/1996 APPELLANT APPENDIX (Jointly)
1312/16/1996 SUPPLEMENTAL CLERKS CERT OF ROA (#75-depo Symington/#74-depo
1412/16/1996 Roger Erickson)
1501/06/1997 APPELLEE BRIEF
1601/16/1997 REPLY BRIEF of Appellant Citizens Ins. & Brekke
1701/21/1997 Letter from Kenneth Johannson dated 1-20-97 stating he will
1801/21/1997 not be filing a separate reply brief but will, in general,
1901/21/1997 adopt the RYB of Appellants Citizens Ins. Agency of Cavalier and Steve Brekke
2002/20/1997 APPEARANCES: Kenneth F. Johannson for AT Symington; Thomas L. Zimney for AT Brekke, J. Fiedler)
2102/20/1997 ARGUED: Johannson, Zimney / Fiedler (Vol. V, pg. 76)
2305/13/1997 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Maring, Mary Muehlen
2405/13/1997 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellee
2505/15/1997 Order/Judgment Mailed to Parties
2606/13/1997 MANDATE
2706/19/2003 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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