United Hospital v. Hagen

9683 The United Hospital (formerly Deaconess Hospital), Plaintiff/Appellee
Alfred Marshall Hagen, Defendant/Appellant

Anna D. Anderson, Deceased; Adolph N. Anderson, Deceased; Public Welfare Board of North Dakota; Mae Pladson; Doris Baines; Viola Johnson; Oscar D. Anderson; Rodger Anderson; Keith Anderson; Bradly Anderson; Mary Nelson; Unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees or Personal Representatives of Anna D. Anderson, Deceased; Unknown Heirs, devisees, legatees or Personal Representatives of Adolph N. Anderson, Deceased; and all other persons unknown claiming any estate or interest in or lien or encumbrance
upon the property described in the complaint, Defendants

Nature of Action: Foreclosure
NW cite: 285 N.W.2d 586

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Docket entries:
110/25/1979 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Paulson, Wm. L.
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