Mahoney v. Mahoney

970017 Debra Susan Mahoney, Plaintiff and Appellee
Timothy James Mahoney, Defendant and Appellant

Appeal from: District Court, East Central Judicial District, Cass County
Judge Norman J. Backes
Nature of Action: Child Cust & Support (Div.\other)
Appellant: Stefanson, Plambeck & Foss
Appellee: Garaas Law Firm
Term: 05/1997   Argument: 05/15/1997
ND cite: 1997 ND 149
NW cite: 567 N.W.2d 206

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Docket entries:
101/14/1997 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 01/07/1997
201/14/1997 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT: 01/07/1997
301/21/1997 TRANSCRIPT DATED August 1, 1996
402/07/1997 RECORD ON APPEAL (Vols. I - VIII); Exhibits; Transcripts (11)
502/07/1997 (Not rec'd:#131-Exh. 64-# of check;#135-Exh. 68-Box of
602/07/1997 checks RE: Hapenny's Acct.;#142-Answers to Interrogatories
702/07/1997 #143-Supplemental Answers to Interrogatories;#144-Depos.
802/07/1997 of Susan Mahoney;#145-Deposition of Vivian Smith;
902/07/1997 #146-Deposition of Nan Carlisle; #147-Deposition of Jeff
1002/07/1997 Seaberg, M.D.; #255-Steno Notes; #337-Steno Notes;
1102/07/1997 #338-Steno Notes; #339-Steno Notes; #366-Steno Notes;
1202/07/1997 #381-Tape; #407-Steno Notes; #429-Steno Notes; #444-Tape;
1302/07/1997 & #454-Steno Notes)
1403/03/1997 APPELLANT BRIEF
1503/03/1997 Addendum to Appellant's Brief (attached to Appellant's Brief)
1704/02/1997 APPELLEE BRIEF
1804/02/1997 Addendum to Appellee's Brief (attached to Appellee's Brief)
2004/18/1997 REPLY BRIEF
2104/18/1997 Addendum to Reply Brief (attached to Reply Brief)
2204/29/1997 ANNOUNCED DISQUALIFICATION: Maring, Mary Muehlen
2304/29/1997 SITTING WITH THE COURT: Riskedahl, Burt L.
2405/15/1997 APPEARANCES: Randolph E. Stefanson and Todd W. Foss; Jonathan T. Garaas
2505/15/1997 ARGUED: Stefanson; Garaas (Vol. V, pg. 106)
2707/22/1997 SPLIT OPINION: Meschke, Herbert L.
2807/22/1997 (CONCUR and DISSENT): VandeWalle, Gerald: CON/DIS
2907/22/1997 (CONCUR and DISSENT): Sandstrom, Dale V.: CON/DIS
3007/22/1997 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of Appellee
3108/18/1997 MANDATE
3206/17/2004 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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