Gibbon v. Gibbon

970035 Nancy Gibbon, Plaintiff and Appellee
Roger Gibbon, Defendant and Appellant

Appeal from: District Court, Southeast Judicial District, Sargent County
Judge Ronald E. Goodman
Nature of Action: Divorce/Property Div./Alimony
Appellant: Lies, Bullis, and Hatting, PLLP
Appellee: Samuel S. Johnson
Term: 10/1997   Argument: 10/20/1997
ND cite: 1997 ND 210
NW cite: 569 N.W.2d 707

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Docket entries:
102/04/1997 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 02/03/1997
202/24/1997 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT: 02/21/1997
303/21/1997 RETENTION OF RECORD ON APPEAL (LaJuana Anderson Hayen): 05/22/1997
404/11/1997 MOT. EXT/TIME TRANSCRIPT (see Order of Ext.) (LaJuana D. Anderson Hayen)
504/11/1997 ACTION BY TRIAL COURT (MTR). Granted: 05/22/1997
604/18/1997 Copy of Letter dtd 4-15-97, from Samuel Johnson to Hon. John T. Paulson, w/attachments
704/18/1997 Copy of Letted dtd 4-17-97, from Hon. John T. Paulson to Samuel Johnson w/attachments
805/22/1997 TRANSCRIPTS DATED 6-28-95(Telephone Conference),7-19-95 (Telephone Conference),9-8-95(Motions Hear)
905/22/1997 10-19-95(Hearing),12-7-95(Ct. Trial-2 vols), 1-3-96 (2nd day of Ct. Trial-2 vols),6-14-96
1005/22/1997 (Telephone Conf.), 10-30-96(Motion to Amend Judgment-2 vols.)
1107/01/1997 APPELLANT BRIEF
1307/11/1997 RECORD ON APPEAL (4 volumes); Exhibits; & Depositions (9)
1407/29/1997 APPELLEE BRIEF
1608/12/1997 REPLY BRIEF
1710/20/1997 APPEARANCES: John D. Bullis; Samuel S. Johnson
1810/20/1997 ARGUED: Bullis; Johnson (Vol. V, pg. 139)
2011/06/1997 UNANIMOUS OPINION: VandeWalle, Gerald
2111/06/1997 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellee
2211/10/1997 Order/Judgment Mailed to Parties
2312/02/1997 MANDATE
2406/17/2004 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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