Judicial Vacancy in Southeast Judicial District

970365 In the Matter of the Judicial
Vacancy in District Judgeship
Number 1 in the Chamber at
Jamestown, North Dakota,
Southeast Judicial District

Nature of Action: Other (Civil)
Term: 01/1998   Argument: 01/20/1998
ND cite: 1998 ND 25
NW cite: 574 N.W.2d 199

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Docket entries:
111/07/1997 Notification from Governor Schafer of Judge Wright's death creating a vacancy in the SE Judicial Dt
211/26/1997 Notice of Hearing mailed to clerks/court reporters/sec. II/county newspapers/Stutsman Co. Bd. of
311/26/1997 County Commissioners;judges & lawyers in SE Dt/governor/sec state/SBAND
412/03/1997 Letter from Judge Foughty dated 12-2-97
512/04/1997 Letter from Fred Strege dated 12-1-97
612/08/1997 Affidavit of Publication from Stutsman Co. - Jamestown Sun
712/08/1997 Affidavit of Publication from Foster Co. Independent
812/10/1997 Affidavit of Publication from Sargent Co. newspaper - The Teller
912/10/1997 Affidavit of Publication from Ransom Co. Gazette
1012/10/1997 Affidavit of Publication from Dickey Co. Leader
1112/11/1997 Affidavit of Publication from Richland County - Daily News
1212/16/1997 Letter from Vince Ament dated 12-15-97
1312/17/1997 Letter from Michael Rohwedder, Parole & Probation dated 12/16
1412/18/1997 Letter from Judge Mikal Simonson dated 12/17/97
1512/19/1997 Letter from Char Schuler dated 12-17-97
1612/19/1997 Letter from Mike Brandenburg faxed 12-19-97
1712/22/1997 Letter from Kenneth Astrup dated 12-19-97
1812/24/1997 Letter from Rep Paul Murphy dated 12/23/97
1912/24/1997 Letter from Don Krassin dated 12/23/97
2012/24/1997 Letter from Abused Persons Outreach Center dated 12/20/97
2112/24/1997 Letter from Kedish House Domestic Violence Program 12/19/97
2212/24/1997 Letter from Russell J. Myhre - no date
2312/26/1997 Letter from Dr. Timothy Jorgensen - no date
2412/26/1997 Letter from Newman Traffic Signs dated 12/23/97
2512/26/1997 Resolution from City of Wahpeton dated 12/15/97
2612/29/1997 Letter from Barnes Co. Bar Association dated 12/23/97
2712/29/1997 Letter from Carol Nelson & Bradley Cruff dated 12/23/97
2812/29/1997 Letter from Bradley Cruff, Municipal Judge, dated 12/23/97
2912/29/1997 Letter from Valerie Lukes, Clerk, dated 12/26/97
3012/30/1997 Request for Radio/TV Coverage - Prairie Public Radio
3112/30/1997 Letter from Mark Scallon dated 12/29/97
3212/30/1997 Letter from James Eberle dated 12/29/1997
3312/30/1997 Dickey County Resolution dated 12/25/97
3412/30/1997 Edgeley City Resolution dated 12/22/97
3512/30/1997 Letter from Steven J. Lies dated 12/29/97
3612/30/1997 Letter from Aviko USA dated 12/29/97
3712/30/1997 Letter from Cynthia Schaar-Mecklenberg - Stutsman County Bar Assn w/attachment
3812/30/1997 Affidavit of Publication - Eddy County
3912/31/1997 Affidavit of Publication - Barnes Co.
4012/31/1997 Letter from Edward Shorma of PrimeWood dated 12-18-97
4112/31/1997 Letter from John Kehrwald, General Manager, Wil-Rich dated 12-30-97
4212/31/1997 Letter from Roy Hausauer dated 12-29-97
4312/31/1997 Letter from Dan Lund (Undated)
4401/02/1998 Affidavit of Publication - LaMoure County
4501/02/1998 Letter dated 12/31/97 from Cynthia Schaar-Mecklenberg
4601/02/1998 Letter dated 12/22/97 from Ed Morrow
4701/02/1998 Resolution dated 12/22/97 from City of Oakes
4801/05/1998 Letter dated 1/4/98 from Ron Stuart requesting to appear at the hearing in Jamestown
4901/05/1998 Letter dated 1/2/98 from Harold Newman
5001/05/1998 Fax from Cynthia Schaar-Mecklenberg re: Ron Stuart's request to appear - untimely
5101/06/1998 Affidavit of Publication - The Herald Press in Harvey (Wells Co.)
5201/07/1998 Letter from Judge Bekken - he will appear at hearing
5301/08/1998 Letter dated 1-05-98 from Galeyn and Marcy Thompson
5401/08/1998 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (Fax dtd 1-8-98 from Jack McDonald requesting permission for AP-Dale
5501/08/1998 Wetzel to cover the hearing on Jan 20 in this case) (Approved per PM)
5601/09/1998 TRANSCRIPT DATED January 6, 1998
5701/09/1998 Letter dated 1-06-98 from Senator Larry J. Robinson
5801/12/1998 Letter (undated) from Merle & Mary Lemnus
5901/12/1998 Letter from Gene Johnson, President of Tri-State Roofing (undated)
6001/14/1998 Hearing Officer Report of 1-6-98 Jamestown Hearing, dated 1-14-98.
6101/16/1998 Letter from Cynthia Schaar-Mecklenberg re: appearances: Bud Meyers; Terry Paulson; James Reisnour;
6201/16/1998 Kenneth Dalsted; Joanne Ottmar; Judge John Paulson
6301/16/1998 Letter from Cynthia Schaar-Mecklenberg re: appearances: David Nething also wishes to appear
6401/16/1998 Letter from Cynthia Schaar-Mecklenberg re: appearances: Judges Simonson and Goodman will appear
6501/18/1998 Letter from Sandi Tabor - she will appear at the hearing
6601/20/1998 Letter from Kenneth Dalsted - he will not appear
6701/20/1998 APPEARANCES: Senator David Nething; Jodie Koch, Admin Asst; John Greenwood, State's Atty;
6801/20/1998 James Reisnour; Laura Wick Loberg; Joanne Ottmar; Judge Randall Hoffman; Terence Paulson;
6901/20/1998 Judge Mikal Simonson; Judge Ronald Goodman; Judge John Paulson; Sandi Tabor, SBAND;
7001/20/1998 Judge James Bekken
7101/20/1998 ARGUED: Same as appearances: Vol. V; pg 182
7201/21/1998 Letter from Mayor of Valley City
7301/22/1998 Letter from Norine Knudson, Clerk of Court, Stutsman County
7502/03/1998 SPLIT OPINION (Judgeship No. 1 at the Chamber in Jamestown is abolished): VandeWalle, Gerald
7602/03/1998 (CONCUR OR DISSENT): Meschke, Herbert L.: DISSENT
7702/03/1998 (CONCUR OR DISSENT): Maring, Mary Muehlen: DISSENT
7802/03/1998 HLM/MMM voting to fill the vacancy
7902/03/1998 Order Mailed to All Parties who Appeared or Provided Written Comment; SBAND; Associated Press;
8002/03/1998 Prairie Public Radio; Stutsman Co. Bd. of County Commissioners; Judge Pederson; Newspapers in SE
8102/03/1998 district previously notified; all Presiding Judges; Judge Paulson by phone, fax & mail;
8202/03/1998 Governor Schafer (hand delivered); Secretary of State Al Jaeger (hand delivered);
8302/03/1998 Jodie Koch (Admin Asst); State Court Administrator; West Publishing
8402/06/1998 Received originals of Judicial Vacancy Hearing Presentation
8502/13/1998 Petition for Reconsideration (Judge Paulson)
8602/18/1998 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (Justices Meschke & Maring Dissenting). Denied
8703/06/1998 Copy of ND District Court Weighted Caseload Model study: At the request of the Court, since it is
8803/06/1998 referred to in the Order, a copy is being placed in the file.
8908/31/2004 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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