Moch v. Moch

970396 Joseph D. Moch, Personal
Representative of the Estate
of Joseph J. Moch, a/k/a
J.J. Moch, deceased, Plaintiff and Appellee
Patrick D. Moch, Lillian M.
Moch, Defendants and Appellants
United States of America
acting through the Farmers
Home Administration, United
States Department of Agriculture, Defendant

Appeal from: District Court, South Central Judicial District, Emmons County
Judge Dennis A. Schneider
Nature of Action: Real Property
Appellant: Wheeler Wolf
Appellee: Mackenzie & Reisnour
Defendant: Clare R. Hochhalter
Term: 04/1998   Argument: 04/14/1998
ND cite: 1998 ND 95
NW cite: 578 N.W.2d 129

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Docket entries:
112/24/1997 NOTICE OF APPEAL: 12/23/1997
212/24/1997 ORDER FOR TRANSCRIPT(Lois Scharnhorst): 12/23/1997
312/24/1997 This case is consolidated w/970397. Make all docket entries except disposition in this case.
401/08/1998 TRANSCRIPT DATED August 29, 1997
501/20/1998 RECORD ON APPEAL (not rec'd entry 20/notice of trial)
702/11/1998 APPELLANT APPENDIX (2 volumes)
802/17/1998 Letter from Clare Hochhalter dated 2-13-98 RE: The United States will not be filing a brief and
902/17/1998 not appear for oral arguments
1002/26/1998 APPELLEE BRIEF
1103/04/1998 MOT. EXT/TIME REPLY BRIEF (Ltr request from Dianne Taix, Legal Assistant for Mr. Wolf.)
1203/04/1998 ACTION BY CLERK (Mr. Wolf as counsel of record must file motion.). Granted: 03/16/1998
1303/12/1998 NOTE: The RYB was timely filed so no Motion was needed from Mr. Wolf. (See our ltr of 03/16/98)
1403/12/1998 REPLY BRIEF of Appellants
1503/27/1998 Letter dated 3-26-98 from Albert A. Wolf w/corrected pages 5-6 for Appellant's Brief
1603/27/1998 Corrected pages 5-6 for Appellant's Reply Brief
1703/27/1998 Disk containing corrected ATB and RYB
1804/14/1998 APPEARANCES: Albert A. Wolf; James R. Jungroth
1904/14/1998 ARGUED: Wolf; Jungroth (Vol. W, pg. 1)
2104/28/1998 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Sandstrom, Dale V.
2204/28/1998 Costs on appeal taxed in favor of appellee
2304/29/1998 Order/Judgment Mailed to Parties
2505/12/1998 Rec'd disk of Pet/Rehearing
2605/20/1998 ACTION BY SUPREME COURT (rehearing). Denied
2705/28/1998 MANDATE
2807/21/2004 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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