District Judge Vacancy, Southeast Judicial District


Term: 03/1999   Argument: 03/03/1999
ND cite: 1999 ND 69
NW cite: 592 N.W.2d 557

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Docket entries:
101/25/1999 Notification from Governor Schafer of Judge Hoffman's resignation creating a vacancy in
201/25/1999 the Southeast Judicial District
302/02/1999 Notice of Consultation mailed to Judges & lawyers in SE Judicial District; Stutsman Co. Bd. of
402/02/1999 County Comm'n; newspapers in the SE judicial district; SBAND; Governor; Secretary of State;
502/02/1999 Presiding Judge; Admin. Asst.; Keithe Nelson; Jim Ganje
602/08/1999 Ltr from District Court Judge Ronald E. Goodman dated 2-5-99 (Copies dist to Court, Ganje, Nelson)
702/09/1999 Affidavit of publication - The Teller (Sargent County)
802/10/1999 Letter from Steven J. Lies dated 2-8-99 (copies distributed to justices, Ganje, & Nelson)
902/11/1999 Affidavit of publication - Valley City Times Record (Barnes Co)
1002/12/1999 Affidavit of Publication - The Jamestown Sun (Stutsman Co)
1102/16/1999 Affidavit of Publication - Dickey Co. Leader, Ellendale
1202/17/1999 Affidavit of Publication - Ransom County Gazette
1302/18/1999 Affidavit of Publication - New Rockford Transcript (Eddy Co)
1402/18/1999 Letter from Rep. Kroeber (dist to Court/Ganje/Nelson)
1502/18/1999 Resolution from Eddy County Board of County Commissioners (dist to Court/Ganje/Nelson)
1602/23/1999 Affidavit of Publication - Foster County Independant
1702/24/1999 Affidavit of Publication - Daily News - City of Wahpeton
1802/24/1999 Letter from Judge Simonson dated 2-23-99 (Distributed to Ct, Ganje/Nelson)
1902/25/1999 Letter from Robert Manly (dist to CT/Ganje/Nelson)
2002/25/1999 Letter from Vince Ament (dist to CT/Ganje/Nelson)
2102/26/1999 Resolution - Foster County Commission
2202/26/1999 Resolution - Stutsman County Bar Association
2302/26/1999 Resolution - Stutsman County Commission
2402/26/1999 Letter from Glen R. Nagel dated 2/23/99 w/attachment
2502/26/1999 Letter dated 2/24/99 from Susan Greenwood
2602/26/1999 Letter dated 2/24/99 from Joan Halvorson, Victim Assistance, Stutsman County
2702/26/1999 Letter dated 2/25/99 from Representative Chet Pollert
2802/26/1999 Letter dated 2/25/99 from Representative Lyle Hanson
2902/26/1999 Resolution - Ransom County Commission
3002/26/1999 Minutes dated 2/3/99 - Barnes County Bar Association
3102/26/1999 Letter dated 2/25/99 - Robin Huseby, Barnes Co. State's Attorney
3202/26/1999 Letter dated 2/25/99 - Charlie Kourajian - Jamestown Mayor
3302/26/1999 Letter dated 2/25/99 - Ted D. Seibel
3402/26/1999 Report of Southeast Judicial District
3502/26/1999 Letter dated 2/24/99 - Jodie Koch regarding appearances for the hearing on March 3, 1999
3603/01/1999 Affidavit of Publication - LaMoure Chronicle (LaMoure Co)
3703/01/1999 Letter dated 2/26/99 - Senator Terry Wanzek
3803/01/1999 Letter dated 2/26/99 - Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce
3903/01/1999 Resolution dated 2/24/99 - Wells Co. Commissioners
4003/01/1999 Letter dated 2/26/99 - South Central Regional Child Support
4103/01/1999 Letter dated 2/26/99 - Judge James M. Bekken
4203/01/1999 Resolution dated 2/16/99 - Dickey County Commissioners
4303/01/1999 Letter dated 2/28/99 - North Dakota State Hospital
4403/02/1999 Letter dated 2-28-99 from David Donegan, Chief of Police, Jamestown Police Dept. (copies to
4503/02/1999 Justices and Jim Ganje)
4603/02/1999 Letter dated 3-01-99 from Marcie Conmy-Fisher, Administrator, Stutsman Co. Correction Center
4703/02/1999 (copies to Justices and Jim G.)
4803/02/1999 Resolution dated 3-01-99 from the City of Jamestown (copies to Justices and Jim G.)
4903/02/1999 Barnes County Resolution #2, 1999 (dated 3-02-99) (copies to Justices and Jim G.) (Resolution rec'd
5003/02/1999 by fax)
5103/02/1999 Richland Co., ND Resolution dated 3-02-99 (copies to Justices and Jim G.) (Resolution rec'd by fax)
5203/02/1999 Letter dated 3/2/99 - Joanne H. Ottmar
5303/03/1999 APPEARANCES: Senator David E. Nething, Jamestown; Jodie Koch-Scherr, Administrative Assistant,
5403/03/1999 Southeast Judicial District; District Judge Ronald E. Goodman; Cynthia G. Schaar-Mechlenberg,
5503/03/1999 Jamestown; John E. Greenwood, Stutsman County State's Attorney; Laura Wick Loberg, Attorney,
5603/03/1999 Valley City; Judge Godron O. Hoberg, Wishek; Judge Richard W. Grosz, Wahpeton
5703/03/1999 ARGUED:Nething;Koch-Scherr;Goodman;Schaar-Mechlenberg;Greenwood;Loberg;Hoberg;Grosz (Vol.W,pg.114)
5803/04/1999 Affidavit of Publication - The Herald-Press (Wells Co.)
6004/22/1999 UNANIMOUS OPINION: Per Curiam
6104/22/1999 Order faxed, phoned and mailed to Judge Paulson; hand-delivered to Governor Schafer; mailed to
6204/22/1999 all persons providing written comments or appearing at the consultation; mailed to all
6304/22/1999 attorneys and judges in the Southeast Judicial District; mailed to newspapers, SBAND,
6404/22/1999 and West Publishing Co.
6502/09/2007 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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