Automated Forms

Automated Forms permit you to complete and print legal forms from your browser. At present, some of the N.D. Civil Forms are available. Select one of the following forms and click on the buttons at the bottom of the selected form. A JavaScript-enabled browser (such as more recent versions of Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer) is necessary to use automated forms.

North Dakota Rules of Civil Procedure Forms

Form 1. Summons
Form 2. Complaint on a Promissory Note
Form 3. Complaint on an Account
Form 4. Complaint for Goods Sold And Delivered
Form 5. Complaint for Money Lent
Form 6. Complaint for Money Paid by Mistake
Form 7. Complaint for Money Had And Received
Form 8. Complaint for Negligence
Form 9. Complaint for Negligence Where Plaintiff Is Unable to Determine Definitely Whether the Person Responsible Is C.D. or E.F. or whether Both Are Responsible and Where His Evidence May Justify a Finding of Wilfulness or of Recklessness or of Negligence
Form 10. Complaint for Conversion
Form 11. Complaint for Specific Performance of Contract to Convey Land
Form 12. Complaint on Claim for Debt and to Set Aside Fraudulent Conveyance Under Rule 18(b)
Form 13. Complaint for Interpleader and Declaratory Relief
Form 14. Motion to Dismiss, Presenting Defenses of Failure to State a Claim, of Lack of Service of Process, and of Lack of Jurisdiction Under Rule 12(b)

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