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Power of Attorney

Please read the instructions for the forms prior to beginning.


  1. Instructions for General Durable Power of Attorney
  2. General Durable Power of Attorney
  3. Revocation of Power of Attorney


  1. Instructions for Power of Attorney Minor Child
  2. Power of Attorney Minor Child, long form
  3. Power of Attorney over Protected Person or Minor Child

Adult Guardianship

North Dakota Guardian Establishment Program

The North Dakota Department of Human Services operates the Guardianship Establishment Program. This is a state-funded program that can provide financial assistance to people who are petitioning for guardianship of an incapacitated adult. The application for this program is found here. Contact information for the Guardianship Establishment Program is located on the last page of the application. Please note that the application is completed before petitioning for guardianship. (See Guardianship Establishment Funds Protocol.)

Guardianship Information and Training

Learn how to identify when a guardianship is necessary, responsibilities of a guardian, and the process of establishing a guardianship in North Dakota.
  1. ND Guardianship Training Course
    1. Tips and Guidelines for the Training Course
  2. Information about Guardianship Forms
  3. Guidelines for New Guardians Packet

Emergency Adult Guardianship

  1. Petition for Emergency Guardianship
  2. Order for Ex Parte Emergency Guardian Pending Hearing
  3. Letters for Ex Parte Emergency Guardian Pending Hearing
  4. Order for Emergency Guardian
  5. Letters for Emergency Guardian

Establishing Adult Guardianship

  1. Instructions for Establishing Adult Guardianship
  2. Notice of Hearing and Statement of Rights
  3. Petition for Appointment of a Guardian
  4. Confidential Information Form
  5. Order for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem
  6. Guardian Ad Litem's Report
  7. Order Appointing a Vistor
  8. Report of a Vistor
  9. Order Appointing an Expert Examiner
  10. Report of Expert Examiner
  11. Findings of Fact and Order Appointing Guardian/Co-Guardians
  12. Letters of Guardianship

After Adult Guardianships are Established

  1. Beginning Inventory Report and Instructions
  2. Annual Report (with Notice to Ward & Interested Parties) and Instructions
  3. Ending Inventory Report and Instructions

  4. Notice and Motion to Allow Payment of Room and Board

  5. Notice and Motion for Appointment of Successor Guardian
  6. Order Appointing Successor Guardian
  7. Letters of Guardianship (Successor Guardian)

  8. Notice and Motion for Change of Venue
  9. Order for Change of Venue

  10. Petition for Termination of Guardianship - Death of Ward
  11. Order Confirming Termination of Guardianship - Death of Ward

  12. Petition for Termination of Guardianship and Discharge of Guardian
  13. Order Terminating Guardianship and Discharging Guardian

  14. Order of Reappointment of Continuation of Guardianship (Est. Before 7/31/2015)
  15. Order of Reappointment and Continuation of Guardianship (Est. After 7/31/2015)
  16. Letters of Guardianship (Reappointment and Continuation of Guardianship)
  17. Order of Termination of Guardianship
  18. Finding of Fact and Order Appointing Successor Guardian Following Review
  19. Letters of Guardianship (Guardianship Continued with Successor Guardian)

Conservatorship Reports

Court personnel cannot help you fill out these forms. You cannot use these forms unless a court has named you a conservator.

  1. Annual Report of Conservator
  2. Conservator Inventory Report
  3. Conservator Income & Expense Report

Minor Guardianship Reports

Court personnel cannot help you fill out these forms. You cannot use these forms unless a court has named you the guardian of a minor child.

  1. Minor Guardianship Annual Report and Instructions

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