III. Other North Dakota and Miscellaneous Citation Forms
. . .

A. North Dakota Century Code (See Bluebook T.1 for other state codes).

Use the form "N.D.C.C.", followed by the section "§" symbol and the numbered code section. Parenthetical notation of the year of the statute, for example (1969) or (Supp. 1997), is not generally necessary. Context may require noting the year, however, in cases involving statutes that have since been amended or repealed.

General references to acts, such as the "Administrative Agencies Practice Act" (do not abbreviate to ambiguous acronym such as A.A.P.A.) should always be accompanied with a citation to the Code. Where the Code has codified a uniform law, a parenthetical reference may be made to the uniform law section, after citing the N.D.C.C. section.

proper:N.D.C.C. § 29-19-01.
N.D.C.C. ch. 29-19.
N.D.C.C. tit. 29.
N.D.C.C. § 41-01-11 (U.C.C. § 1-201).
improper: § 29-19-01, N.D.C.C.

Multiple sections may be cited by using double section symbols. Do not use "et. seq" when citing multiple sections, although you may cite to the chapter or title. Where multiple sections are inclusive, they may be separated by "to". Multiple sections that are not inclusive may be separated by commas.

N.D.C.C. §§ 29-18-17 to 29-18-19.
N.D.C.C. §§ 1-01-01 to 1-02-01.
N.D.C.C. §§ 11-01-09, 11-01-11, 11-01-15 to 11-01-19.

Text sentences: Do not begin text sentences with a section symbol or other symbol or abbreviation. Spell out the first word. If the N.D.C.C. form has been used in earlier sentences, the N.D.C.C. may be dropped in subsequent textual references when the context permits. The following forms are permissible in text sentences, depending on the context.

Under N.D.C.C. § 29-19-01, gambling is permissible.
Under § 29-19-01, N.D.C.C., gambling is permissible.
Section 29-19-01, N.D.C.C., permits gambling.
Under § 29-19-01, gambling is permissible.
Section 29-19-01 permits gambling.

North Dakota Revised Code: The North Dakota Revised Code may be cited as "N.D.R.C." The N.D.R.C. may be cited in the same way as the N.D.C.C., except a reference to the year should always be provided.