III. Other North Dakota and Miscellaneous Citation Forms
. . .

F. Statutory, Rule, and Constitutional History

North Dakota Legislative History: Underline the name/title of the hearing, the bill abbreviation and number (if any), the subcommittee name (if any), and the committee name. Subcommittee and committee names may be abbreviated according to tables T. 6 and T. 10 in the Bluebook. In regular type add the number of the legislative session and, if available, the page number (North Dakota legislative history is generally not bound and as such is generally not consecutively paginated). In parenthesis add the date and year. Parenthetically note the name and position or title of the person giving the written or oral testimony.

There are several types of bills:

House Bills (1xxx): H.B.
Senate Bills (2xxx): S.B.
House Concurrent Resolutions (3xxx): H.C.R.
Senate Concurrent Resolutions (4xxx): S.C.R.

For legislative history and other sources where it would be cumbersome to use the usual "supra" form, i.e., the author's name followed by "supra", put a shortened form of the title in brackets and surrounded by quotation marks following the full form. The shortened form can then be used in conjunction with "supra". (See II.B., II.G.)

full cite: Hearing on H.B. 1097 Before the House Judiciary Comm., 41st N.D. Legis. Sess. (Feb. 13, 1969) (testimony of Gene Krueger, Cass County State's Attorney) ["Hearing on H.B. 1097"].
short cite: Hearing on H.B. 1097, supra (testimony of Will Wonka, Assistant Cass County State's Attorney).

Interim Committee Minutes: The form is similar to that shown above, but bill numbers are not available when interim committees are considering legislation. A common example is the work of the Committee on Judiciary "B," which reviewed the criminal code during the 1971-73 legislative interim. Page numbers and the date(s) of the meeting should be provided. A parenthetical may be used if it would be helpful.

Minutes of Interim Comm. on Judiciary "B" 18 (Sept. 21-22, 1972) (noting Professor Lockney's suggestion the language be broadened).

Miscellaneous Rules Committee Minutes: Minutes for other bodies, such as the Joint Procedure Committee, should be cited in the same form as Interim Committees.

Minutes of the Rules Comm. 4 (Feb. 20-23, 1973).
Minutes of the Joint Procedure Comm. 13 (Jan. 30, 1997).

North Dakota Constitutional Convention History: Citation is similar to the book form provided in part III.G.

The following are examples of bound histories of North Dakota Constitutional Conventions:

Official Report of the Proceedings and Debates of the First Constitutional Convention of North Dakota 152 (1889)
Journal of the Constitutional Convention for North Dakota 171 (1889)
2 North Dakota Constitutional Convention of 1972 1205 (1972).

NOTE: The 1972 Constitution was rejected by the voters.

United States Congressional History: (See Bluebook R. 13.3)

Corporate Rights and Responsibilities: Hearings Before the Senate Comm. on Commerce, 94th Cong. 47 (1976).
Charles Davenport, Administrative Procedures of the Internal Revenue Service, S. Doc. No. 94-266, at 619-726 (1975).
S. Rep. No. 89-1319 (1966).