III. Other North Dakota and Miscellaneous Citation Forms
. . .

G. Books (See Bluebook R. 15)

Use regular type, not large and small capitals. Do not use "at" before the page number, unless the book uses section or paragraph divisions and reference to a specific page number would assist the reader. When a treatise has multiple volumes, the volume number should precede the authors name. The author's name should be typed as indicated on the title page. Where an authority has more than two authors, give the full name of the first author, followed by "et al.". Generally, use the date on the inside cover. If citing a looseleaf treatise use the date of the most recent set of supplementing pages as indicated at the front of the volume (do not use the date listed on the individual supplemented pages). If citing a separately paginated supplement or pocket part identify the supplement and the date of the supplement in parenthesis. For additional rules see Bluebook R. 15.

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If a page number would be helpful because the section is long, etc., this may be cited as:

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"Supra" and "Id.": "Supra" and "Id." may be used as short forms for books ("infra" may never be used). When "id." is used in conjunction with a multivolume treatise, the volume number must be retained and the "I" is not capitalized.

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