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Gender Fairness Implementation Committee


Gender Fairness Implementation Committee
Supreme Court Conference Room
June 18, 2004

9:00 a.m. Call to Order

Consideration of February 24, 2004, Meeting Minutes - Attachment B (June 11, 2004)

Revised Draft Handbook/Guide for Court Employees - Attachment C (June 11, 2004)

- Staff review of revision

- Conclusion

Draft Amendments to Rule 3(a), ND Rules of Continuing Legal Education - Attachment D (June 11, 2004)

- Committee review and discussion

- Conclusions

Preliminary Budge Estimate for Focus Group Process to Determine Progress on Gender Fairness Issues

- Staff review of budget information

Approach to Sexual Harassment in Codes of Judicial Conduct

- Staff update

Possible Changes to Statutes Regarding Domestic Violence Protection Order Process

- Previously discussed: definition of what constitutes "domestic violence, see Attachment E (June 11, 2004); compare Attachment F (June 11, 2004): Lucke v. Lucke, 300 N.W.2d 231 (1980)(mental harm as domestic violence; Lawrence v. Delkamp, 620 N.W.2d 151(2000)(when "threats" constitute domestic violence); Morton County Social Service Bd. v. Schumacher, 674 N.W.2d 505(2004)(use of a dangerous weapon "without" domestic violence)

- Committee discussion and conclusions regarding changes to domestic violence statutes

11:00 a.m. Adjourn - Next meeting: ?