Judicial Vacancy in Northwest Judicial District

970402 In the Matter of the Judicial
Vacancy in District Judgeship
Number 3 in the Chamber at
Minot, North Dakota, Northwest
Judicial District

Appeal from: District Court, North Central Judicial District, Ward County
Term: 03/1998   Argument: 03/04/1998
ND cite: 1998 ND 59
NW cite: 574 N.W.2d 591

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Docket entries:
112/31/1997 Berning letter dated 12/30/97 advising the Chief Justice that he is not seeking reelection, thus
212/31/1997 creating a vacancy under 27-05-02.1 (4), NDCC
301/09/1998 Notice of Hearing Mailed to Ward County Board of County Commissioners; Presiding Judge;
401/09/1998 Administrative Asst; State Court Administrator; Governor; Sec of State; SBAND; Media; Attorneys
501/09/1998 and judges of Northwest Judicial District
601/09/1998 Order Appointing Hearing Officer mailed to VRP; State Court Administrator; Presiding Judge;
701/09/1998 Administrative Asst.
801/15/1998 Affidavit of Publication - McKenzie County Farmer
901/15/1998 Affidavit of Publication - Burke County Tribune
1001/16/1998 Affidavit of Publication (Williams Co.)
1101/21/1998 Affidavit of Publication - Minot Daily News (Ward County)
1201/26/1998 Request for Associated Press to tape OA (approved)
1301/27/1998 Affidavit of Publication - Mountrail County Promoter
1402/02/1998 Affidavit of Publication - Crosby Journal (Divide County)
1502/03/1998 Stephan Podrygula, Ph. D. to appear at Minot Hearing
1602/05/1998 Letter from Wade Enget dated 2-4-98. RE: plans to attend hearings
1702/05/1998 Faxed letter from Doug Mattson's office dated 2-5-98 RE: Mr. Mattson plans to appear and make a
1802/05/1998 statement at the hearing on 2-9-98
1902/05/1998 Faxed letter from Mark R. Hays dated 2-5-98 RE: plans to appear at 2-9-98 hearing
2002/06/1998 Written Testimony of Stephan Podrygula
2102/06/1998 Ward County Bd of Co Commissioners - Resolution
2202/10/1998 TRANSCRIPT DATED February 9, 1998
2302/12/1998 Letter from Jeffrey Peterson dated 2-11-98 RE: Plans to appear & testify on 3-4-98
2402/13/1998 Letter from Doug Mattson; he will appear at hearing
2502/17/1998 Request for Radio/TV Coverage (KXMC-TV; The Minot Daily News; Prairie Public Radio) faxed memo from
2602/17/1998 Jack McDonald sent 2-14-98 (approved) NOTE: AP was already approved
2702/20/1998 Letter from Jim Fitzsimmons; he will appear at hearing
2802/24/1998 Hearing Officer Report dated February 24, 1998
2903/02/1998 Faxed copy of Comments from Judge Robert W. Holte
3003/03/1998 Original of Comments from Judge Robert W. Holte
3103/04/1998 APPEARANCES: The Honorable Robert W. Holte, Presiding Judge, NW Judicial District; Wade G. Enget,
3203/04/1998 Montrail County State' Attorney; Jim Fitzsimmons, ND Legal Services; Douglas L. Mattson, Ward
3303/04/1998 County State's Attorney; Sandra L. Tabor, Executive Director, State Bar Association of ND; The
3403/04/1998 Honorable John C. McClintock, Jr.
3503/04/1998 ARGUED: Holte; Enget; Fitzsimmons; Mattson; Tabor; McClintock (Vol. V, pg. 198)
3603/04/1998 FILED IN OPEN COURT - letter from Dena Filler of Domestic Violence Crisis Center; Criminal Case
3703/04/1998 Filings from Burke County; Resolution signed by Jeffrey Peterson; Michel Stefonowicz, Charles
3803/04/1998 Wilder & Wade Enget; Affidavit of Dennis Johnson; & Affidavit of Jim Fitzsimmons
3903/06/1998 Copy of ND District Court Weighted Caseload Model study: At the request of the Court, since it is
4003/06/1998 referred to in the case, a copy is being placed in the file.
4103/10/1998 UNANIMOUS OPINION: , Per Curiam
4303/10/1998 Judgeship No. 3 with chambers at Minot is abolished upon the expiration of Judge Berning's Term
4403/10/1998 (12/31/98)
4503/10/1998 Order Mailed to Associated Press; all parties who appeared or provided written comment; KXMC TV;
4603/10/1998 Prairie Public Radio; Ward Co Bd of County Commissioners; Newspapers in NWJD previously notified
4703/10/1998 SBAND; NDTLA; Presiding Judges; Clerks of District; Admin Asst/Ct Admin in the district;
4803/10/1998 Governor (hand delivered); Sec of State (hand delivered); State Court Admin; Judge Pederson;
4903/10/1998 West Publishing; Judge Holte (by phone, fax & mail)
5008/31/2004 EXPUNGED - Nonpermanent record items destroyed

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