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Public Access

Public Access to Hearings and Documents

To attend a hearing, please contact the clerk of court in the county where the case is filed. Contact information for the clerk of court can be found by typing the county name in the Search box on our website, or you can find a complete list in the Court Locations section of our website:

To Request Case Documents

To obtain a copy of a case document, please contact the clerk of court in the county where the case is filed, and provide the clerk with the case name, case number, the document name, and the document number. This information can be found by using the District Court Case Search function on our website: During the pandemic, all copying fees will be waived. Documents will be emailed to the requestor as time permits. To ensure they have sufficient time to complete other duties, and to balance the needs of all constituents, staff may limit requestors to no more than 10 documents per day and may deny repeated requests from an individual for the same document.

Access to Court Calendars and Case Summaries

Court calendars and case summaries are available through our website at

Self-Help Center and Law Library 

The self-help center and law library are open to walk-in traffic by appointment only. Telephone assistance at (701) 328-1852 is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., by email at: and through the Court’s website at: