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Sunday, November 29, 2015
Trial court tip
Sidebar discussions must be recorded.
Proposed Order on Review of Guardianships
The Supreme Court is seeking comments on a proposed administrative order on the review process for guardianships. Comments are due by Dec. 28.
War crimes trials at Nuremberg: The 70th anniversary
Justice James Morris November 20 marked the 70th anniversary of the start of the trials of Nazi leaders charged with war crimes, known collectively as the Nuremberg trials. North Dakota has a unique tie to the Nuremberg trials created in 1947 when North Dakota Supreme Court Justice James Morris took a leave of absence to serve as a judge in the trial of twenty-three officials of I.G. Farben Industries.
  • UND Nuremberg Trial Transcript Collection
  • BBC: Nuremberg's last surviving prosecutor
  • BBC: Making Justice at Nuremberg, 1945 - 1946
  • U.S. Supreme Court Nov. 30 arguments
    United States Supreme Court building Monday, the United States Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case on whether the government must prove elements of a crime not contained in the relevant criminal statute but included in an erroneous jury instruction and a case on when the filing period for a constructive discharge claim begins to run under federal anti-discrimination law.
  • Musacchio v. United States
  • Green v. Brennan
  • U.S.: DoJ asks SCOTUS to rule on tribal court convictions and domestic violence
    Indian Country Today: "The U.S. Department of Justice has filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court, asking the high court to take up a case dealing with tribal court convictions in domestic violence cases in Indian country."
    Nation: Long-held beliefs about arson science have been debunked after decades of misuse
    ABA Journal: "'Slow and painful has been man's progress from magic to law.' So began the report and recommendation of a federal magistrate judge last year in the case of Han Tak Lee, a New York man then serving a life sentence in a Pennsylvania prison for the 1989 arson murder of his 20-year-old mentally ill daughter, Ji Yun Lee."
    Minn.: Youth basketball coach granted new sentencing in sex abuse case
    Minnesota Great Seal Duluth News Tribune: "The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Monday ordered a new sentencing hearing for a Duluth youth basketball coach after overturning one of his several child sexual abuse convictions."
  • Opinion Text: State v. Greene
  • Job Announcement
    A job announcement for an Assistant State's Attorney II for Burleigh County in Bismarck has been posted.

    North Dakota
    Court system continues work to help self-represented litigants
    The North Dakota Legal Self Help Center is now in its second year and Community Access Coordinator Catherine Palsgraaf was recently joined by paralegal Melissa Hamilton on the center staff. The center exists to help the increasing number of self-represented litigants who are using the court system.
  • North Dakota Legal Self Help Center
  • December Term of Court
    North Dakota Supreme Court
    The December term of court has been posted, including issues and briefs.
    New Opinions: Nov. 6
    The Supreme Court posted two new opinions on Nov. 6.
    Rebecca Quanrud 1923-2015
    Rebecca Quanrud Long-time Court Reporter Rebecca Quanrud died Nov. 11. Her 21-year career with the North Dakota court system began in 1962, when she was secretary of Supreme Court Justice Ralph Erickstad. Later she was court reporter for the South Central Judicial District. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m., Monday, Dec. 7, at St. George's Episcopal Memorial Church in Bismarck.
    Court seeks comments on proposal to restrict access to recordings of court proceedings
    The Supreme Court has is seeking comments on proposed amendments to the N.D. Supreme Court Administrative Rules which would restrict access to recordings of court proceedings and establish the transcript as the official record. Comments are due Dec. 9.
    Lawyer licenses expire Dec. 31
    The State Board of Law Examiners reminds lawyers that 2015 licenses to practice law in North Dakota expire December 31, 2015, regardless of when the 2015 license fee was paid. Lawyers should watch their mail for the 2016 billing in the coming weeks and promptly pay the fee.
    Pro hac vice fee payment reminder
    Attorneys who continue to appear in 2016 in a North Dakota proceeding for which they filed a motion for pro hac vice admission are required to pay the annual $380 pro hac vice fee by Jan. 1, 2016.
    U.S. District Court seeks comment on local rule changes
    U.S. District Court The U.S. District Court for the District of North Dakota has proposed revisions to two of the court's local rules related to the use of electronic devices. The proposed rules are now available for public comment.



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    Job Announcements
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of N.D. has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for an Assistant State's Attorney for Ward County in Minot has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for a Contract Attorney for the Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents in Williston has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for an Attorney II with the Department of Human Services in Bismarck has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for a Deputy Clerk of District Court I with the District Court in Bismarck has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for an Electronic Court Recorder with the District Court in Bismarck has been posted.

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