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Charles F. Templeton

District Court Judge

Elected in 1889

Judge Templeton was born in Washington County, Vermont, June 21, 1856. He attended Barre Academy at Barre, Vermont, and from there entered Dartmouth College in 1874, after graduating he was admitted to practice law in December, 1880. Shortly thereafter he came to the Territory of Dakota, formed a partnership to practice law with B. F. Spalding, who later became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This partnership continued until July, 1887, when he was appointed Attorney General of the Dakota Territory, he resigned one year later, he then was appointed Judge of the Eighth Judicial District of the Dakota Territory by President Cleveland. In 1889 he was elected Judge of the First Judicial District and again in 1892, he served in that capacity until the end of 1896. He then resumed private practice at Grand Forks, North Dakota until 1907, when Governor Burke appointed him Judge of the First Judicial District, he served in that capacity until his death on January 3, 1913.