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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Today at the Court
12:00pm Judicial Institute - Grand Forks
5:00pm Administrative Council - Grand Forks
3:15pm Executive Committee of Judicial Conference - Grand Forks
Herbert L. Meschke 1928 - 2017
Herbert L. Meschke, former Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court, died May 19, 2017, at his Minot home. Celebration of Life service: Wednesday, May 24 at 1:30 Vincent United Methodist Church, Minot. Meschke was appointed to the Court in January 1985 and retired September 30, 1998.
  • Justice Meschke bio
  • Visiting the Supreme Court
    Visitors to the Supreme Court should be aware the only public entrance into the Capitol is the south doors underneath the large outside stairway. The entrance has walk-through metal detectors staffed by the North Dakota Highway Patrol security during regular business hours. The closest parking for the south entrance is to the east of the entrance, and the west side of the Capitol. If you have a scheduled argument or appointment, allow at least 15 minutes to park, enter through the south door and come to the Supreme Court on the far east end of the first floor of the Capitol.
    Administrative Council May 23 agenda
    The agenda for the May 23 meeting of the Administrative Council and the council's Feb. 24 minutes have been posted.
    Judicial Conference Executive Committee May 23 agenda
    The agenda for the May 23 meeting of the Judicial Conference Executive Committee and the committee's March 1 minutes have been posted.
    U.S. Supreme Court opinions: May 22
    The United States Supreme Court has issued opinions in a state redistricting case, a foreign service of process case, and a patent venue case.
  • Cooper v. Harris
  • Water Splash v. Menon
  • TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods
  • National:Lawyer who reacted to judge's ruling with muttered obscenity is suspended from federal practice
    ABA Journal: "A lawyer who rolled her eyes and complained that a judge's ruling was "f-- bull--" has been suspended from practice in Chicago federal court for 90 days."
  • In re Motta Order

  • North Dakota
    Meet the Supreme Court applicants
    Supreme Court Applicants
    Eleven lawyers have applied to fill the Supreme Court vacancy that will be created by the resignation of Justice Carol Kapsner. The applicants were asked to provide brief information on their background, education, and legal careers. Here are highlights with links to more detailed information provided by the applicants.
  • Justice Kapsner announces resignation
  • New Opinion: May 19
    The Supreme Court posted a new opinion on May 19.



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    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for a Court Reporter with the District Court in Bismarck has been posted.

    Job Announcements
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for a DUI Court Surveillance Officer with the Richland County State's Attorney in Wahpeton has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for an Indigent Defense Contractor with the Commission on Legal Counsel for Indigents in the Northwest Judicial District has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for a Court Reporter with the District Court in Jamestown has been posted.
    Job Announcement
    A job announcement for five law clerk positions with the North Dakota Supreme Court in Bismarck has been posted.

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