Search Tips

Search Appellate Records

The North Dakota Appellate Case System went live April 8, 2024.  It includes access to public records and to e-filng.  

Click the button at the bottom of this page to search public appellate records available on the public portal.

You do not need to register to search public appellate records.  Searches can be accomplished based on the criteria below.  Some criteria are new, so historical information will not be available. 

  1. Case Search - Find a case
  2. Party Search - Find cases in which a person or organization is a party or participant
  3. Calendar Search - Search the Court's calendar
  4. Document Search - Search for a particular document 
  5. Publication Search - publications will include notices from the Court and opinions.

Note:  Not all historical data will be searchable through this system.

Supreme Court Opinions

Supreme Court opinions are still accessible and searchable here on the Court System website.  They can also be found on the docket for the individual case.