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State of the Judiciary

  • 2019 State of the Judiciary Address

    The North Dakota Court System should be a well-balanced, dynamic and highly functioning system that is able to continuously improve and adjust to meet challenges in all economic conditions. We must operate to treat every individual, in every part of the state, with respect and to ensure that all of our cases move through the court system in a thoughtful and timely manner.
  • 2017 State of the Judiciary Address

    Although not delivered in its traditional format, that is more to my advantage than yours as I realize that the written page provides me greater opportunity to expound on my thoughts than does the traditional speech.
  • 2015 State of the Judiciary Address

    Most of us learned, or should have learned in school, that in 1215 at Runnymede near Windsor Castle, King John of England sat under a tree and signed the Magna Carta, the Great Charter. That document is the foundation of Constitutional rights and liberties and is the foundation of law that the entire court system of the United States relies on even today.
  • 2013 State of the Judiciary Address

    I begin this State of the Judiciary by observing that access to the courts and the ability to participate in one's own case are key concepts in delivering justice. We do not always meet that goal, but we remain intent on keeping open the window of opportunity for all who seek remedy in our courts.
  • 2012 State of the Judiciary Address

    The annual report of the North Dakota Judicial System for 2011 is now published and is available for viewing on the Supreme Court's website if you are interested. I do not intend to repeat the contents of that report in these remarks. I am aware that time is limited and I do not intend to overstay my welcome.
  • State of the Judiciary Report 2011

    I am pleased to offer the State of the Judiciary Report to the 112th Annual Meeting of the State Bar Association. Despite what some of the younger lawyers may believe, I have not been in attendance at all 112 meetings. A few people in this room were in attendance at the same meeting I was a few weeks ago in which the speaker, a retired Law School Dean, in talking about his age said that "With age comes wisdom but sometimes age comes alone."
  • State of the Judiciary Message 2011

    I perhaps should not tell you this, but it may surprise you to learn that delivering a State of the Judiciary message is not a privilege all of my colleagues in other states share. I do not take this privilege for granted and I recognize your already heavy schedule. The invitation to speak to you today is indicative of the spirit of cooperation and respect that our three branches of government in our state share. I thank you for that.
  • State of the Judiciary Message 2010

    Clarence Darrow is quoted in the New York Times April 19, 1936, as saying "There is no such thing as justice, in or out of court." With all due respect to Mr. Darrow, I hope to prove him wrong at least with regard to access to justice in the courts.