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The Education division oversees education for judges and employees and monitors compliance with continuing education requirements; develops training agendas and handles all details of contracting with speakers and venues; assists the Judicial Education Commission in the development and implementation of long-range strategic planning for education; provides oversight in the production and distribution of various benchbooks and employee manuals;  develops content and provides oversight of the production of the court system newsletter; designs informational brochures and other resources intended for public education; works in conjunction with other government and community entities to develop and deliver training to a variety of audiences; and assists courts in crafting local media policies.

Vision Statement:

The Judicial Branch Education Commission will promote and support a culture of learning within the judicial branch that prioritizes the continued personal and professional growth of it judges and staff.

Primary Areas of Focus

  1. Clerk of court office access to training and development
  2. Orientation and training for new judges
  3. Educational programming for judicial support staff
  4. Standardized technology training for all court employees


  1. Develop innovative programs and delivery models that encourage collaboration, outreach, and the sharing of knowledge.
  2. Guide the development of concrete learning processes and business practices that assist judges and judicial branch employees in modifying behavior by creating, acquiring, and applying new knowledge and skills.
  3. Expose judges and judicial branch employees to trends, best practices, and developments related to the judicial process
  4. Inspire and develop leaders and faculty who reinforce learning and provide supportive learning environments within the judicial branch