Divorce is a judgment of a court that dissolves the marriage.

A North Dakota State District Court may grant a divorce, even if neither spouse was married in North Dakota.

Residency Requirement for Divorce

The spouse starting the divorce, also called the Plaintiff or Petitioner, must meet the residency requirement for a North Dakota State District Court to grant a divorce.

The Plaintiff or Petitioner must have been a resident of North Dakota at least 6 months before starting the divorce.

Or, the Plaintiff or Petitioner must have been a resident of North Dakota for 6 months immediately before the District Court grants the judgment of divorce.

Forms and Guides for Divorce

Divorce forms are not available for every situation or circumstance.  If you do not find a form that suits your circumstances on this website, the form is not available through the North Dakota Legal Self Help Center.

You may need to create legal documents yourself.  The General-Use forms in the District Court Civil Action Section of this website may be used as a starting point for creating your own legal documents.

Divorce Forms:

Divorce Informational Guides:

  • Contested Divorce for Plaintiff and Defendant
    • Provides basic, step-by-step guide through the formal District Court divorce process
    • May be of interest if divorce form sets do not apply
    • Includes formatting examples of a variety of divorce documents

Selected Statutes (Laws) & Rules

Following are legal research starting points related to divorce. You may need to conduct additional legal research into your legal issue.  See the Legal Research Section of this website.

Other Resources

Following are other resources related to divorce proceedings that may be of interest.

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