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Family Law Mediation Program

The goal of this program is to improve the lives of families and children who appear before the court by trying to resolve primary residential responsibility and parenting time disputes through mediation in order to minimize family conflict, encourage shared decision-making, and support healthy relationships and communication among family members.

Mediation is a process in which an impartial mediator assists people in conflict to have a constructive conversation about their dispute in a neutral setting.  It is expected that each participant say what they need to say and hear what they need to hear, so each person can develop a better understanding about his/her concerns and the perspectives of other participants.  Through the discussion, the parties are able to make sound decisions for themselves and others affected by their decisions.

The Family Law Mediation Program will provide up to 6 hours of combined pre-mediation orientation and mediation at no cost to the parties.  For further information N.D.R.Ct. 8.1 - Family Mediation Program

The North Dakota Supreme Court has established a post-judgment mediation program to provide a forum for resolving post-judgement issues in family law and probate matters through the alternative dispute resolution process.



Family Mediation Program Administrator

Cathy Ferderer
Family Mediation Program
North Dakota State Court System
600 E Boulevard Avenue, Mailstop 180
Bismarck ND 58505-0530