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In 1905, the State Board of Law Examiners (formerly State Bar Board) was established by the North Dakota legislature. The statutes relevant to the Board can be found in  Chapter 27-11 of the North Dakota Century Code. The procedural rules for the Board can be found in the Admission to Practice Rules, which are adopted by the North Dakota Supreme Court.

The Board consists of three resident licensed members of the North Dakota Bar appointed by the Supreme Court, and the Clerk of the Supreme Court, who serves as ex-officio Secretary-Treasurer.

Current Members:


Telephone: 701-328-4201
Fax:  701-328-4480

Mailing Address

State Board of Law Examiners
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0530

Please visit the pertinent tab for specific information regarding attorney licensing and admission to the North Dakota Bar.