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Adult Hybrid DWI/Drug Courts

Adult Drug Court is a court supervised treatment orientated program that targets willing high risk/high need participants whose major problems stem from substance use disorders.  Drug court is a voluntary program which includes regular court appearances before the drug court judge.  Participants must also attend treatment, submit to random drug testing and maintain regular attendance at self-help meetings.  Participants may receive assistance in obtaining education and skills assessment, referrals for vocational training, education, and/or job placement services.  The program, determined by the participant’s progress, shall be no less than 14 months.  Successful completion and “graduation” from the drug court program may result in modification of probation conditions, early termination of probation, and/or dismissal of criminal charges.

Candidates must have multiple prior Misdemeanor or Felony drug offenses, or in DUI cases must have three or more DUI’s.  The current offense must be a class A Misdemeanor or greater.  Candidates may qualify if this is their first felony offense and there is a supporting history of substance use.

The drug court judge makes all decisions regarding the participants in the drug court program with input from the drug court team members.  In addition to the drug court judge, the drug court team consists of the following members:

  • State’s Attorney
  • Defense Counsel
  • Probation Officer
  • Treatment Provider
  • Community Service Providers
  • Law Enforcement Representatives
  • Program Coordinator

The overall program goals are:

  1. Reduce recidivism
  2. Reduce use of alcohol and other substances
  3. Provide increased opportunities for involvement in comprehensive treatment and maintenance programs
  4. Provide access to coordinated local and state services
  5. Improve the overall social functioning of participants in areas such as employment, housing, family relationships and community activities
  6. Reduce costs to the criminal justice system by decreasing incarceration and criminogenic risk

 Adult Hybrid DWI/Drug Courts were established in January 2001.