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Charles M. Cooley

District Court Judge

Appointed in 1913

Judge Cooley was born in Decorah, Iowa, on December 18, 1856. He graduated from the Literary Department of the University of Michigan in June 1878. During his vacations and after graduation, he studied law in his father's office, and was admitted to the Bar in the state of Iowa in 1879. In March 1882, he moved to a farm in Davison County, Dakota Territory. He served as County Superintendent of the schools of Davison County in 1885 and 1886. On July 5, 1900 he moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota. On January 9, 1913 he was appointed Judge of the First Judicial District, by Governor Louis B. Hanna. Judge Cooley served in that capacity until his death on September 12, 1927.