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East Central

Created in 1979 to include Cass, Steele and Traill counties. The East Central District is part of Unit 2 which also includes the Southeast Judicial District

District Administration:

Hearing Livestreams:

 - East Central Judicial District

 - Hon. Stephannie N. Stiel

* Note - Not all hearings will be livestreamed. Recording of the hearing is not allowed. The Court does not control any advertisements or comments that may be displayed near or with our videos.  No such associated content is intended as an official message of the Court.  

Case Flow Management Plan

Standing Order for REM Proceeding


John C. Irby

Presiding Judge

Chambers: Fargo – ECJD #8
Appointed in 2002

Susan Bailey

District Court Judge

Chambers: Fargo – ECJD #1
Elected in 2014

Reid A. Brady

District Court Judge

Chambers: Fargo – ECJD #5
Elected in 2020

Wade L. Webb

District Court Judge

Chambers: Hillsboro – ECJD #7
Appointed in 2003